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    Hexen2x Released

    HEP (author of the Heretic2x port) released Hexen2x based on the hhexen 0.1 linux port. It is an Interpreter for Hexen: Beyond Heretic by Raven Software. Features: FEATURES: - fullscreen - (almost) fullspeed - sound fx - keymapping via "mapping.txt" file Download: Hexen2x v0.4
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    Heretic2x Released

    HEP released his first port called Heretic2x. It is an interpreter for "Heretic: Shadow of the Serpent Riders" Enjoy the fullspeed port of hhexen with the included demo wad ;) Update: (Heretic 0.4) - Soundcode fixed - Keymapping added via "mapping.txt" - Fullscreen support. - Config file...
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    Gp2xstore Contest Winner Published

    jr2swiss, host of, organized a banner and video contest. The winners are now available. Andrew won Vektar/Payback for his banner. I, HauJobb won the video contest and also a Breakout Box :) You can find my video here Homepage:
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    D1x Rebirth

    Zico released his X-Mas gift D1X Rebirth for your gp2x. Which is an interpreter for Descent 1. Download: D1X Rebirth 0.50a Homepage: