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    Any Highres Pics Of The Gp2x Front/back?

    I'm basically trying to figure out how to make a big "ad style" two sided cutout on posterboard, but I need a good high res pic of both the front and back of the GP2X, anyone have them handy?
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    Has Gph Announced Any Major Firmware Update Dates?

    Wondering, did a quick search and didn't find a terrible lot reguarding it, just wanted to know so I could place my ordering schedule around that date.
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    What If This Forum Had Discussed The Gp32 Launch?

    Rewind to around 4 years ago, the korean GP32 launch. What sort of quotes do you think would spring up if we had the same negative attitude about the original GP32's korean launch? "No screen lighting? Garbage! Absoloute garbage!" (Mind you this was the original launch ;), backlit and...
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    Repeated Question Possibly, Can You Link Gp2xs?

    Could you in theory, link together two GP2X systems to swap data or for multiplayer purposes? (via the USB cable or EXT cable) or perhaps a third party device using wireless? I've seen people interested in TV out, trying to confirm alot of other features, but i've yet to hear a large userbase...
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    Are There Us Based Online Schools?

    Ah the joys of asking life advice on the internet, Why do I ask this question? Because I'm in a damn rough spot/decision. 1: Quit school, funds stop. (Social security and all, love/hate it.) Which is bad, since I gotta care/fund my mum's medical bills and life and my own. 2: Quit school, work...
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    Can Anyone Do A Quick Conversion For Me?

    thinking of buying from GBAx, but curious about conversion rates. How much is £ 142.49 and £ 132.99 converted into USD? (the cheaper price is the airmail GPx2 price) I used an online converter but I think the info was a bit off, as I only got 150 for the second.
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    Major Question(for Me Anyways) Any Multiplayer?

    I havn't seen any mention of it at all, and it would be a rather nice selling point for me (I'll still get one but my friends are also interested in the device, and the idea of being able to link GPHs and play multiplayer capable emus intrigues me.) Can anyone find out if the GPx2 is...
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    Can Someone Clear Up Something For Me?

    Is GPx2 a dual processor handheld or does it have a dual core processor? Is the 2D acceleration in the cores ala AMD's 3DNOW etc...? Or is it it's own seperate chip/core? 'k that's all I wanted to know really. Been looking across the board and on the tech sheet and i'm still a bit lost.
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    Discussion About Gpx2's Specs And 2d Accelerator.

    The idea of 200MHZ base for the main processor and having a beefy 2D accelerator is interesting, but I am curious about one thing....... If it were to have 3D and 2D acceleration (think geforce lineup) would that open alot more possibilities in any way? Call me a lunatic, but I think more...
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    Whoa, If This Is Really Gamepark's Next Design... Very neo geo pocket-ish but nice, love the choice of four face buttons and L and R. (Sorry if it's old news, been a while since i've been here.)
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    Starting Into C++ And So On.

    I can find the tutorials and guides, no problem, It's just.... Don't I need a compiler and some sort of console app to make programs with? Are they free, pay, what are the best ones, etc....
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    [new] Mario Bros, For Ds Video. it looks pretty good, but I worry about a few things.... 1: 3D characters on 2D backgrounds never looked that great to me, 2D on 3D looked nice though. 2: I worry about what sort of gimmick they will add, because I -know- they have...
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    Warhammer:dawn Of War, Your Paintjobs?

    I'm interested in it, and I -love- customization in games, but I wanna see just how custom you can get.
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    Nintendo Revoloution Preview? RICO NOTE: mirror @
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    Using Slax Linux, First Time Using Linux.

    Every app I download is in some moon format (.tar.gz? wha?) and I can't extract it, so I find an extractor and.....what the hell? it's .tar.gz too? Jane! How do I work this crazy thing!? Ok, bad jokes aside, I need some help here. Plus wine doesn't seem to be running a damn one of my old apps.
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    Guild Wars, Anyone Here Play It? And What Class?

    I'm a Mesmer/Warrior, level 8 so far.
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    Pc Related, Scumm And Sam And Max Hit The Road.

    I'm stuck at the revolveing resteraunt bit, it constantly rotates and left clicking or right clicking will not move the binoculars, and even with the wire/lense assembly it does this, i'm afraid i'm stuck for good if this is a known bug, any way around this? or am I not doing something right...
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    Post Random Crap Here.

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    I Need Impressive Screenshots Of Asr & Blood Cross

    Sprite artist friend wanted to check out the graphical style of these games.
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    Firefox Related Help, Flash Doesn't Work Anymore.

    Well, my swiff player (For offline flashes) NOW is the default by some strange twist of fate, and even setting the flash to open in IE or firefox does not work, how do I make it use the standard firefox flash plugin again?