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    Gta:lcs Running On V1.5 Psp

    talk about poetic justice. it has been done MPH has cracked the uncrackable the day after i post my PSP to the ebay auction winner i come across this gem of information GTA:LCS can now be run on a PSP with a 1GB Memory Stick card. I could have been playing GTA today, god dammit the world...
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    Rio Karma - 20gb Mp3 Player

    Ebay Auction
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    Paypal Help

    My ebay auction for my PSP will be ending monday evening. If the winner is not happy with sending me a cheque, what lengths can i go to to ensure that I don't get fucked over via paypal? Is it a case of ensuring that delivery is signed for? Will making sure the money is in my actual bank...
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    Actually, Ds Does Get A Redesign

    After denying it their now affirming it. The new Ninentendo DS: Here's an interesting mock up i found for size comparison:
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    Psp V1.5 - 1gb Ms - 3 Umd Games - Accessories

    I'm selling my PSP bundle I've had it for almost a year now, purchased from Japan when the system was launched in the USA, so the console is japanese (apparently these have better quality screens than the US versions) but all games are from america and in full english. The package consists of...
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    24 - Day 5

    24 Season Five kicked off in the states last night, which of course means that anybody who wants to watch the new season can. I've just finished watching the first of sunday night's double bill, awesome so far. On a side note, thanks to the wonders of HDTV i was able to watch it at a kickass...
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    Explain The Symbols In Rom Lists To Me

    i've acquired a full set of neo geo pocket roms along with the name of the rom, each file contains what i'm guessing to be some form of language/region thing (UEJ) etc also where there are duplicate roms, they are suffixed with a !, a1, h1 etc. what do these symbols mean? i'm looking to just...
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    1 Gig Memory Stick Duo For Psp

    I'm thinking of selling my 1 gig stick for the psp. I got it for ninety, i see that play is offering them for eighty quid delivered, obviously i'd be willing to undercut this price. i think this would be best for uk dwellers, whilst these things can be picked up for cheap on ebay you've got...
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    My Uni Is Burnt To A Crisp

    Some of you may have heard on the radio or seen on the news the fire that occured on sunday at one of the labs at southampton uni, my uni. got a snap from one of the high rises where i have classes this morning, the place is gutted.
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    External Harddrive Advice

    My new 8mb net connection is beggining to take its tole on my hard drive, mostly in the form of tv shows! i'm looking to get an external harddrive to store these on (plus a few other bits and bobs). Basically, is a usb2 device the best thing to go for? would a network drive suit me better...
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    [psp] Tenchi Browser Randomly Stopped Working

    so i'm playing a bit of death junior, i love you umd emulator, and i decided to see if theres anything good on tv tonight. exit to menu and boot up the tenchi browser, just like i have done loads of times before. only this time theres a problem. the usual white text on black background comes...
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    Help With Isp Issues

    Whilst at uni is signed up for a broadband services with a company called datacomms. Everything was fine and dandy but since cancelling the service I have had nothing but problems. I was informed that as long as i gave a months notice there would be no charges for ending my contract (which was...
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    Tenchi No Mon Psp Browser

    Following the release of the demo disk that came with famitsu, the browser and launcher have now been seperately released as a stand alone app. i'm now browsing the net from my PSP! the browser seems pretty good, pVp looked especially awesome on the PSP. give it a look guys, its about 2.5mb...
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    London Bombings: The Second Wave

    So our fair city has once again been the target of an attack. Having been infront of a tv as it all unfolded today i found it all a bit mad. The guy who was arrested outside of downing street, was he a bomber? he didn't seem to have anything on him. The reports of a man running from warren...
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    Harry Potter And The Half Blood Prince

    Having got the last two books on the days of release i will be heading out tonight to pick up my copy at midnight. I'm hoping for a more solid story from the latest offering, increasinly i've found that the beginning and end of the books are the only bits worth reading (when it comes to plot)...
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    Little Help With Pvnc

    Hey ho i've been trying to get this newfangled vnc thing to work with my PSP. basically i'm thinking that as my laptop connects to broadband via wifi i won't be able to connect to the computer whilst it is connecting to the net? basically at home we have an infrastructure set up where my...
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    New Psp 1.5 Hacks *single Ms*

    from psphacker: this seems pretty legit, PSP-Dev have shown themselves to be trustworthy so i doubt they'd blow the reputation they've got for themselves by releasing some faked video this would be totally awesome and i'd finally be able to run homebrew!
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    Geekiest Thing You've Done Lately

    after committing this act i felt compeled to begin a thread. firefox puts little pictures next to the links on your toolbar bookmarks if the website provides them. i spent a good half hour creating a load for sites that do not have them, including: GP32x Engadget Gizmodo Punktastic what's...
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    Nintendo Revolution To Launch With 221 Games

    true story 221 Games awesome
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    Which Gamecube Chip Should I Get?

    Qoob Pro or Viper? both are similarly priced. is there any chance of a home install or should i look for a pro job?