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    This game always interested me, and finally it is coming to PC. Seems that it will be a "good" port from the console. I hope this will be true also for controls. I'm not still sure how much this will be heavy for the system.
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    [CLI] devreorder + x360ce installer

    I was used to setup gamepads with STEAM, but at some point I found out that those configurations were messing with the entire system, when STEAM was open... so I had to close STEAM every time I had to play something else with a controller... Now I disabled the STEAM controllers managements, and...
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    Need advice for Javascript environment to use

    I'm not so used with javascript, and the times I needed to modify some scripts, those were really simple and small... but now I want to hack the GOG Galaxy 2.0 interface, and there is for example this "client.js" that is a more than 3 MB one liner script, and this makes it really difficult to...
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    XU-DH1 - carbon mats ?

    Hi, I can't see the carbon mats for the XU-DH1 in the store, I would buy 3 if them will come, I don't want to change a perfectly working gamepad just because a button remains stuck :( In the worst case them are not available anywhere, is there some trick I could use to make the mat lasting...
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    STEAM WORKSHOP is the official repository for game MODS on STEAM. The only way to download those MODS is to own the game on STEAM. So, if you have a game from another store, like GOG, and, in the worst case, all the MODS are only present on STEAM, you will miss a lot of contents... There is a...
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    How to catch the filename saved from "wget" ?

    Using "wget" with the parameter "--content-disposition", for example, the downloaded file will be automatically named using the headers taken from the URL. If the same file is downloaded more then once, wget will add numbers to the filename. So, how programatically I can catch the filename just...
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    Are you missing Lightguns ?

    If you are not aware of this, all the lightguns of the past doesn't work anymore with LCD screens, them had different technology/sensors, but most of the time them were using the refresh speed of CRT to determinate the position, and with Plasma or LCD screen this is no more possible... The only...
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    [SCRIPT] CLI script to get NO-INTRO DAT lists

    EDIT: tl;dr the script is in the second post. I'm trying to get DAT files from the NO-INTRO site using command line... The site needs both GET and POST requests, the GET for going in the specific "Standard DAT" page, and the POST to select the system...
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    Mech Commander Gold - Desperate Measures - High resolution patch

    "Mech Commander" was a mind blowing game the time it came out, it was at least perfect as it was difficult !! While reading around on, I found out that recently was released an high resolution patch for "Mech Commander Gold", that seems also to contain the source code. (I'm not sure...
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    8bitdo gamepads Xbox360 compatibility on Windows

    Hi, I found out that my "SN30 Pro" is recognized as "Xbox360 for Windows" only when plugged with USB, and in this way all the games that require an Xbox360 controller works ok out of the box (even vibration works). Instead, if I connect it as X-input via Bluetooth, it is recognized as "Xbox...
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    XU-DH1 gamepad questions (because I can't understand the manual)

    Hi, I have some questions about the XU-DH1 gamepad, because I can't find answers on the internet, and the "manual" inside the box is in chinese (or some similar language). The gamepad is good, simple, and really fit my hands, but there are some functions I can't understand well (I use it only...
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    HD partitions visible only when plugged into motherboard and not when plugged as USB device ???

    My main HD broke down... it is the one with the OS, and the restore partition... that doesn t work too.. If I start the PC with a Linux live distro, I can see the content of the HD, all the partitions are there and I can read the files (at least the ones that doesn t give reading errors), but I...
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    MAME tools to mass change controllers configuration ?

    Hi, I have multiple gamepads, and most of them are also recognized as different devices when I connect them in a different way. Example: PS2 (normal USB only gamepad) -> Only one device MD (could be connected with USB or BlueTooth, as an X-Input device or as a D-Input device) -> this creates...
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    8bitdo gamepads pairing with Pandora Bluetooth

    Do you know if there's something on the repo to make the pairing with 8bitdo gamepads possible ? Just asking because with the normal way it always fails, but I suppose to be able to package a simple solution, if there's still nothing around.
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    PIQO: 1080p pocket projector

    What do you think about this ? This thing seems pretty cool, but I'm not sure to understand how indiegogo works... it claims that "13814% funded on January 27, 2019"... BUT I only see that in all the perks, only 2 were claimed ?! How is this possible ? O_o
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    Restock of 8bitdo N30 Arcade Joystick ???

    I'm interested in one of these, will there be a restock ?
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    How to find out file types without extension ??

    Hi, one of my friend gave me a troubling external hard drive, and asked me if I was able to get the data back... My friend told me that there were folders in there, but the disk gave him trouble and them disappeared. The things I see in there are some files with impossible filenames (at least...
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    EpicGames Client ?? What do you think about it ?

    Hi, I just found out this store called "EpicGames", where it is told that every 2 weeks they will give a game for free (for now there is "Subnautica" that I find pretty charming), but there's a catch, seems like you'll need to download their client... and I can't find many information about how...
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    Vinpok Split - Best On-the-go Touch Screen Monitor

    What do you think about this ? I wasn't searching for a monitor, but stepped on this, and could be useful indeed something that you can put away when you don't need it... it also has touchscreen
  20. PowerGod

    How to watch 3D VR 360° videos in a normal display ?

    I have some 3D VR 360° videos I want to watch, but I don't have the hardware needed and I'll use my normal PC monitor, so I just need to find a player that "corrects" all the distortion/duplication of the image, and makes me rotate with the mouse... Somehow seems that the internet searches I do...