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  1. alxm

    Making a new GP2X game

    Trying :) I keep meaning to clean Sqdef up and opensource it, and GP2X & co. ports of my Gamebuino games. Let's see what happens in 2021.
  2. alxm

    Odroid-Go Advance

    It does a little, but I cut it some slack when it comes to imperfections like that given its price and DIY nature. My bad, what I read about an apt repo was for a different Odroid board. The idea could still make sense though, and apparently you can use config files to add more sections to the...
  3. alxm

    Odroid-Go Advance

    I got an OGA recently after forgetting about it for a while and having fun programming the ESP32 GO. Glad I waited for the update with USB-C charging because who needs more non-standard cables... A few things I like: Good price for nice hardware. I like the idea of saving costs by shipping it...
  4. alxm

    Pyra Dumb question, but what's the latest version of C++ that Pyra supports?

    If Pyra will run Debian 10, that has a GCC 8 package which supports some C++20 according to their website :) Since it's a recent OS you will probably also be able to build and run the latest tools from source.
  5. alxm

    Simple Pandora crossdev setup?

    I use a Linux cross-compiler I built a long time ago with the script from this thread. The more recent posts touch up on relevant troubleshooting, but just in case I put an archive of my local build on Dropbox that you can extract to /opt. You also need to install all dependencies mentioned in...
  6. alxm

    Open2x bootloader 1.0 - unfinished business..

    Good to see you back Orkie, thank you for all your cool work! My F200 is happy running Open2x dr7 and I still have the precompiled GCC 4 toolchain from way back, it continues to work on modern Linux. I'll keep an eye on this and probably bite the bullet once you have more info about bare metal...
  7. alxm

    Replacing Tapatalk with our own app

    Is the mobile web experience so bad that we need a 3rd-party app at all? I just opened the forums on my phone with a browser and it looked fine - maybe apps were useful some years ago, but both browsers and responsive web design evolved lots since then :) I also don't miss the posts where...
  8. alxm

    Open Pandora - 10th Year Anniversary

    Thanks, but at this point I decided to keep it alive as-is without using it, just for occasional testing to make sure my games still build and run fine on it :)
  9. alxm

    Open Pandora - 10th Year Anniversary

    It was nice while it lasted, but the case that cracks just sitting in a drawer and the (ReBirth) LCD cable that went bad after barely using it made me regret getting one. Nice hardware and software otherwise though, and fun to code for too.
  10. alxm

    GP2X Joystick Nub Woes

    Good luck! One thing to keep in mind though, the GP2X had an 8-way digital stick not analog, so that might be a problem unless I'm missing something. Maybe @DaveC could come out of retirement and start offering d-pad mods again :D
  11. alxm

    GP2X Joystick Nub Woes

    I remember there was a mod to replace the joystick with a Nokia N-Gage dpad, maybe there's some old threads that go in the details. Every now and then you also see for-parts GP2Xes on ebay.
  12. alxm

    Odroid-Go Advance

    They recently announced an updated revision, Imagine if GamePark had been so responsive to user feedback back in the day, they'd probably still be around. :oops:
  13. alxm

    Google Chrome is flagging sites that have "uncommon downloads" now

    Sadly this feels like where things are heading, discouraged independent control and distribution of binary software, only app markets and web stuff. I wonder if my old GP2X bins will get my site flagged too eventually :oops:
  14. alxm

    Odroid-Go Advance

    Stumbled on this earlier, it's a followup to the ESP32-based Odroid-Go. Looks like a modern GP2X with Ubuntu 18.04 :gp2x:
  15. alxm

    GP32 not booting into firmware when turned on

    Sorry to hear that. Unfortunately, over the years several people here reported their GP32 breaking, sometimes because of internal parts going bad over time. None of these devices were particularly sturdy to begin with, but I think the GP2X F-100, F-200, and Caanoo aged better and are the best...
  16. alxm

    GP32 not booting into firmware when turned on

    Did you install the GP32 drivers? Try one of these:,0,0,0,23,833,0,0,0,23,832 What does the menu look like when you turn it on without the SMC?
  17. alxm

    Miss the GCW Zero? The RetroGame RG350 is the modern equivalent

    This one looks really nice. Maybe one of them will catch on and be produced for longer than 6 months, so there's time for a community to form and build cool things for it instead of the same recycled emulators... :|
  18. alxm

    I need a new device. What is the best choice?

    About how much was the shipping both ways? I'm considering doing the same so I can use it again, but I thought there weren't any spare cables left.
  19. alxm

    Noticed this on indiegogo

    The first Wiz prototypes had dual D-pads and a 2.5mm headphone jack instead of the more widely used 3.5mm. Thankfully GPH listened to early feedback and changed both :) I just tried the later prototype they sent me, the battery doesn't last more than an hour or so but the screen is still...
  20. alxm

    Making a new GP2X game

    Thanks everyone! I'm building it for Pandora too! Mine has the purple screen of death though, so I only turn it on to test things occasionally. Thankfully I already coded all the Pandora-specific things I needed. I'm using the HW SDL from Open2x, but I don't think that makes a huge difference...