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  1. moxie

    Bugs and Calculations

    I'm still, every time, amazed at the sheer weirdness of the US mobile phone network thingie. That's all.
  2. moxie

    ever thrown in the towel because of impossible work conditions?

    I'd like to say that "No job is worth more than your (mental) health". That might be a bit strong - sometimes you might be economically forced to stay at a horrible workplace because responsibilities (family and so on). But still - Unless your other option really is to starve, I'd stay with the...
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    PsOne & Playstation 2 Slim - How to Play Import Games?

    Just want to pitch in and say that FMCB is the goodly goodly stuff indeed :D
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    And suddenly it works.

    "There is currently no known thermal issue. All of this is based on conjecture. Options presented are for consideration IFF such considerations are warranted." Quoted FOR GREAT TRUTH. Let's focus on problems that exists, eh?
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    Best Alternative to Windows (XP)

    I find Mint to be quite painless when it comes to setting up fo non-expert users, it's available with a 5-year LTS edition and can be gotten in a variety of configurations from Holy-cow-look-at-those-desktop-effects to fairly frugal, in order to fit different kinds of hardware. And it has...
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    Keyboard layouts get political

    Nope, SCART is quite a bit more than that. It can also carry RGB signals, it has connections for signalling format (4:3 or 16:9), wake-on-start and other stuff. It wasn't completely standardised - There were versions that carried S-Video instead of RGB, for instance, and there are some unused...
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    Smach Z will pose some serious competition to the Pyra

    Oh, God, not the OTON :o Didn't the "developer" hang around these boards and try to lure Pandorians into his trap? Whilst being simultaneously completely clueless about everything and answering every question with some kind of motivational positive thinking rubbish?
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    I miss a case etc. ;-)

    48 here :D
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    See and hear a sorting algorithm

    Well, there is of course the classic :)
  10. moxie

    Starting a preliminary GINGE compatibility spreadsheet

    I have nothing to say here except Excellent! Keep up the good work and all that! :)
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    Exactly. Both Lora and I have moderator powers. If we were about to "suppress peoples creativity", "Push an agenda" or applying "Prudish censorship", then we could just remove stuff and ban people. We don't, because we don't. We are, however, allowed to voice our opinion, just like everyone...
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    That's what i fear about this proposed male antropomorph - That somehow it'll be a dick.
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    Well, there isn't a lot of surpressing going on, is there? It is a bunch of people posting images, another bunch of people saying they dislike those images, and the first bunch of people getting their knickers in a bunch and go all defensive and screaming and calling "supression" and ranting...
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    Obviously, yes.
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    I'm almost taking this as a challenge. Almost. Do fear my possible interpretation of a Moxie-bara :D
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    :D :D :D
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    Updated: the 2017 Interactive Fiction Competition

    Gargoyle does ALAN, TADS, Inform (Z-code and Glulx or whatever the new one is called) and a bunch of others, I think. Gargoyle is the good stuff :)
  19. moxie

    Merry Christmas, everybody!

    God jul, allihopa! :)