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  1. jlepley

    Office Pranks

    Make a command prompt application and put it in his startup folder, so every time he boots up his computer the command prompt will pop up and display a message like "I know what you did last summer. Press any key to continue..."
  2. jlepley

    The Philosophy Thread

    That's actually debatable. The moon orbits the Earth. Which means that its velocity must constantly be changing. Which means that it is constantly accelerating. Which means that energy must be converted into motion. Which means that gravity is a constant source of unlimited energy.
  3. jlepley

    Office Pranks

    There's always the good old shutdown "virus" prank.
  4. jlepley

    Pandora Should Move To Android

    Android should not be the primary OS. From what I can tell, it will complicate porting and slow down the emulators. The Angstrom OS is a good one, please don't screw it up.
  5. jlepley

    The Philosophy Thread

    Methanol, ethanoic acid, and acetate are not living things.
  6. jlepley

    The Philosophy Thread

    The problem with that statement is that humans are capable of making spontaneous, decisions. Humans, and any other form of sentient life, bring randomness to the universe, doing away with any notions of predestination.
  7. jlepley

    The Rabbit Joint

    Tonsillitis == tonsillectomy == ICE CREAM!!
  8. jlepley

    2 Player 1 Pandora Games

    I'm pretty sure Battle for Wesnoth can do that. Though it's games tend to last a few hours.
  9. jlepley

    New Concept Ideas Pandora

    If we are going to suggest features for the Pandora 2, I think it would be a good idea to have an adjustable camera in the lid so the Pandora could be used for video conferencing or taking pictures.
  10. jlepley

    The Philosophy Thread

    Because there has to be a ratio. If the universe is infinite, can half of it be matter, and half of it empty space? What is half of infinity?
  11. jlepley

    The Philosophy Thread

    If the universe were infinite, there would also have to be an infinite amount of matter, or no matter at all. But if there were an infinite amount of matter, there would be no empty space. But there is empty space. And there is matter. Thus, our universe is not infinite.
  12. jlepley

    Pandora How To Build A Game Specific To Pandora Without A Pandora?

    I'm no expert, but anything written in Python should just run on the Pandora. AFAIK, The D-Pad is mapped to the arrow keys, the A button is mapped to Home, the B button is mapped to End, the X button is mapped to Page Down, the Y button is mapped to Page Up, the L button is mapped to Right...
  13. jlepley

    Got Your Pandora? Tell Us Your Order Date!

    I've noticed that some people, such as SONY and Rectal Exambot, have been voting one date in each of the three sets.
  14. jlepley

    Release Battle For Wesnoth

    Does the --smallgui parameter work on the Pandora?
  15. jlepley

    Pandora Coding Competition?

    But we should probably wait until the first batch has finished shipping.
  16. jlepley

    The Rabbit Joint

    So am I.
  17. jlepley

    Can Pandora Emulate N64 Games That Require The Expansion Pack?

    I saw Majora's Mask being played on a video, so yes, it should be little different from any other N64 game.
  18. jlepley

    Beta Zelda ... Kind Of

    At least in America, and I'm pretty sure Europe, the appstore is protected if somebody uploads copyrighted material, as long as they remove the content if Nintendo asks them to do so.
  19. jlepley

    Battery flat after 3-4 days

    I don't think the battery will lose power at a flat rate, it'll probably follow a line of exponential decay.
  20. jlepley

    Nova's List Of Things I Now Have To Buy

    Most of what's on the OP, and Professor Layton and the Unwound Future.