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  1. Jones

    Which Browser is the BEST on Pandora?? (Benchmarking)

    Thanks for the article, currently using jumanji, but I think I will try out Arora and QupZilla :)
  2. Jones

    Release Freeserf

    Have thought about it, but I think I will wait until Jon has implemented a basic AI.
  3. Jones

    Release Freeserf

    You best ask Jon directly on his blog via comment ;) Surely more interest will motivate him
  4. Jones

    Procedural Sandbox voxels Mmmmm.. yeah don't miss his blog if you interested in voxels development wise ;)
  5. Jones

    Release Freeserf

    No,'>Jon Lund Steffensen is the original author as far I know.
  6. Jones

    Release Freeserf

    Haha yeah you are right, I thought it was installed, but maybe I forgot reinstalling after last reflash. I updated the pnd, savegames now are supported. On startup it will automatically load the last savegame you did by pressing 'z'. I also found out you can change the player by pressing 'j'. So...
  7. Jones

    Release Freeserf

    Hi, I have made a pnd of freeserf  just for the lulz. Sadly music and savegames don't work on the pandora, but since the project is still pretty alpha I haven't investigated further. You will need the file SPAE.PA of original Settler 1 / Serf City to play. Put it in the created appdata folder...
  8. Jones

    Mobile Raspberry Pi Computer Wow what a nice build, had instantly reminded me of a pandora :)
  9. Jones

    Documentaries [recommendations thread] has many good ones :) also
  10. Jones

    Release The new website

    I would change colour of the order button from red to dark blue or maybe silver ;) Background image is also very crowded (like a real wallpaper) , but not sure how you could improve it. Other than that nice job
  11. Jones

    Release Seven Kingdoms Ancient Adversaries on the repo..

    Thanks for the port, I play it from time to time with some friends. You can get into interesting situations although the game's rules itself are quite simple, stuff good rts (games) are made off :)
  12. Jones

    Germans watch out: Cheap SDXC 64 GB-cards. Tested (with W2Testw) and working!

    Thanks for the info, sounds interesting. I'm looking forward to your report ;)
  13. Jones

    What single player game have you sunk the most time into..

    Probably Desperados: Wanted dead or Alive, also nearly on same level Thief 1 and Gothic :)
  14. Jones

    Evildragon's surprise unveiled !!!!

    nice, can you imagine buying a pandora in your local eletronic store in such a box? :D
  15. Jones

    More Zelda than you could ever play (Zelda Classic quests)

    Lost Isle works good so far :) First I have lost a savegame, oddly zelda classic haven't recognized it and I accidently overwrote it by clicking OK. Have finished the first few dungeons without problems, only the long startup/loading time and intros are a bit annoying.
  16. Jones

    There we go! (2012-02-28)

    MERCHANDISING! Btw when will then be now? :D
  17. Jones

    More Zelda than you could ever play (Zelda Classic quests)

    haha this so cool, thx you so much. I have also read the tigsource article, but I couldn't get the linux version working on my desktop and the windows version had some colour quirks. anyway now I play Lost Isle on the pandora, btw ZC has some nice screensaver :)
  18. Jones

    Release Super Geometry Dust

    haha, after a while watching thought: doesn't the background sounds somehow familiar? looks like Mojave Storm followed boyinaband's...
  19. Jones

    [Pygame] Not suitable for full HD games?

    Hi and welcome :) You can try adding RLE acceleration (SDL_SetColorKey) and don't forget to change your images format to the one from the display (SDL_DisplayFormat). Those helped me a lot speedwise in my c++ sdl game, but I'm not a pygame expert ;)
  20. Jones

    Release C/C++ Development Tools

    Hi Proto, here it is, dgame posted it some posts above yours ;)