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  1. gunni

    Classic Pandora for Sale

    Lowered price, after this its going on ebay
  2. gunni

    Classic Pandora for Sale

  3. gunni

    Classic Pandora for Sale

    edit: not for sale, should have done this edit months ago! - mods close the thread please :) It is with a heavy heart that I'm having to put my first batch Pandora up for sale. I've unexpectedly found myself out of work and bills need to be paid.  :( It's in great condition apart from some...
  4. gunni

    OP and OBD?

    Some recent car issues got me looking at various OBD leads/bluetooth adapters out there as I need to clear a light on my dash.  One of my searches turned up which has both Linux and Android versions available,  This got me to thinking that this could be another...
  5. gunni

    Hyperkin Retron 5

    wish someone would make a nice new controller that I could use with the Megadrive/Amiga/any other old machine with the same connector! I'm certainly bagging a RetroN5 when it is released :)
  6. gunni

    PSIO - Boot PS1 ROMS via SD on original console

    You have a SD adapter which plugs into the modem bay? I have one which plugs into the serial port... I wonder if there's a speed difference? Sorry for the O/T!
  7. gunni

    AROS (hosted) or otherwise

    now that would be a cool idea :) however it would need to run correctly under Angstrom first...
  8. gunni

    AROS (hosted) or otherwise

    to answer my own post. AROS hosted runs nicely from my newly made slackware SD card :)
  9. gunni

    Slackware for Pandora 14.0

    Just installed SL4P, great work Linux-SWAT! Much preferred already over the default distro, thanks! B)
  10. gunni

    AROS (hosted) or otherwise

    Has anyone had any joy with running AROS on the pandora? I tried a long time back and it wouldn't boot, thought I'd try again so I downloaded the latest nightly and extracted it to my SD card. Lo and behold when I executed the AROSbootstrap file it booted into wanderer! Great! - until I started...
  11. gunni

    Minimig anyone?

    fpga arcade isn't far off judging by the latest on :)
  12. gunni

    Pandora to feature in next issue of Amiga Future mag

    still in paper, printed in both English and German versions
  13. gunni

    Pandora to feature in next issue of Amiga Future mag

    Just saw the preview for the next issue here with an article on the openpandora, just thought I'd share :)
  14. gunni

    Monkey Island Insult Swordfighting (Browser)

    got sent a link to this today, wasted some time that I was supposed to be doing something else with :) enjoy!
  15. gunni

    Steam is coming to Linux

    @torpor I've been playing Serious Sam on the beta too, seems to run fine for me just slows down a bit when there are a lot of baddies on screen at once. TBH I didn't even think it was going to be playable on my laptop considering I have to use the VESA driver as the proprietry ones don't want to...
  16. gunni

    Best Android games/apps for Pandora

    just tried Temple Run on my 1st batch 256mb Pandora, installs but graphics all messed up Sonic CD lite works fine though can be a little sluggish
  17. gunni

    American version of the inbetweeners

    have you seen the dire version of "Life on Mars?"... jeez! lol
  18. gunni

    Doom3 Android port ok it's not quite there yet but interesting nonetheless...