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  1. johncross85

    Really Nice Ipad Alternative

    Archos 70 and Advent Vega worth a look too. john
  2. johncross85

    Looking For Lite Alternative To Pandora or good tablet

    I believe both the Advent Vega and the Archos 70 have capacitive screens but you are looking at twice the price of the MidNite. There is a multi-touch on MP4Nation called the Telepad 10.1 but it only has a Telechips TCC8902 processor and the video review they give hardly sings the praises of the...
  3. johncross85

    Looking For Lite Alternative To Pandora or good tablet

    In case anyone's interested... After a lot of research I have opted to get a Nationite MidNite from MP4Nation for £125 (delivered). My thinking is that the whole android tablet market is currently too volatile to spend any more. If I get a decent amount of use out of the MidNite I may change it...
  4. johncross85

    Looking For Lite Alternative To Pandora or good tablet

    I'm quite tempted by the tablets that MP4Nation have on offer because if nothing else at least you know what you are getting thanks to they excellent (and honest) video reviews. That said, you can get higher spec tabs for less money elsewhere but whether or not you'll get what you expect is...
  5. johncross85

    Looking For Lite Alternative To Pandora or good tablet

    Okay... bit more to add to this... I've just spent a while looking through the customer reviews on Amazon of various cheap Tablets. There appears to be quite a few 7" Android 2.1 Tablets with Arm 11 processors popping up. The reviews vary wildly. Has anyone tried one of these out? Also - I...
  6. johncross85

    Looking For Lite Alternative To Pandora or good tablet

    Is there a 'lite' alternative to the Pandora out there? Something that's got a decent web browser and boots quickly but is smaller than a netbook? I'm mostly interested in it for web browsing and general fiddling with so I'm not bothered about gaming controls etc. I have been pondering buying...
  7. johncross85

    How Long Will It Be Supported?

    Probably feasible but the stainless steel construction of the DCM-12 is ideal for flux dispersal. Might be an issue with non stainless steel cars. john
  8. johncross85

    Psphone Is Real!

    In exchange for exclusivity Apple got a % of call / text / data charges. A staggering model that only they could pull off. Rumour has it that the next iPhone and Apple are thinking about setting up as their own carrier, though that might just be an MVNO... More surprising than any of that...
  9. johncross85

    Would You Go Back And Change The Design?

    Perhaps the OP team should have cut their teeth on a much more simple handheld to go directly against the GP2X. Then when they had found good reliable suppliers for parts and essentially gone through most of the learning curve they went through with the Pandora, they could have produced the...
  10. johncross85

    Robot Unicorn Attack?

    I'm assuming you have the source code?
  11. johncross85

    Is It Legal?

    If the US declared war on the UK then historically the UK would probably have to support the US and send some troops over here. It's this kind of complicated modern warfare that makes me think we don't need those two shiny new aircraft carriers. Granted, an aircraft carrier is probably a faster...
  12. johncross85

    The Most Horrible Games Of All Time!

    Away from the arcade I actually thought that was by far the best version of Hard Drivin! You should try the Lynx version... john
  13. johncross85

    Taking Pre-Orders For Second Batch Of Caanoo Plus Other News

    Madness! I always thought the risk stayed with the credit card company - hence them charging 3%! john
  14. johncross85

    Nintendo 3Ds In March 2011

    In Japan the DSi is 15,000 yen which is £113 but it has an RRP of £150 in the UK. The 3DS will be 25,000 yen which is £189 so with a similar mark up for the UK it would be about £250. Traditionally, there is a 1:1 price between the US and UK, eg the DSi is $150 (according to Amazon) while, as...
  15. johncross85

    Nintendo 3Ds In March 2011

    The Wii is another good example of how I think they'll lose the non-gamer market. Gemma Nongamer has bought her Wii at £179 and her Balance Board at £99. She wasn't interested in the graphics - it was a new way to play and one that even gets you in shape!!! So what's going to be next from...
  16. johncross85

    Nintendo 3Ds In March 2011

    I hope you're right, but even at £190 it's a lot for a "non-gamer" to pay to upgrade. My suspicion is that that majority of the "non-gamers" that made the DS such a success will just hang on to their existing DS until the day it dies. John
  17. johncross85

    Nintendo 3Ds In March 2011

    Looks great but here's the thing... the price point in the UK is likely to be £250, which is just too expensive for the "non-gamers" that made up such a large part of the DS sales. If that's right, then it's mostly going to be bought by gamers... just like the PSP was... and is that enough of a...
  18. johncross85

    Ok So, How Many Pandoras Are Shipped To Customers?

    Isn't the official board elsewhere these days?
  19. johncross85

    startled by midgets

    startled by midgets
  20. johncross85

    startled by midgets

    startled by midgets