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  1. Tenka

    Advice on cooking and grocery shopping?

    Bags of frozen broccoli florets, boxes of already chopped mushrooms, and vegetarian protein patties or grounds (both in the frozen vegetable section) are go-tos of mine I can recommend. Sliced tomatoes add a lot to that though especially if you like sandwiches, and I don't know if I've ever seen...
  2. Tenka

    World News Thread (Politics,whatever)

    Roger McNamee speaking in a podcast episode by Sam Harris. Politics are stupid, both in the ignorant voters' world and the manipulative leaders' world, our society is a sorry and unjust model. This is largely sad, but it's still refreshing to hear educated observations from outside of that fight.
  3. Tenka

    The Caring Corner :)

    I tell myself that mine has a great life but I ache about all the others I find that don't. If anyone is able right now, will you help this very unfortunate dog? It just happened. Even small things are worthwhile, like asking somewhere else. Thanks everyone. Sorry.
  4. Tenka

    whats your favorite anime?

    The Ancient Magus' Bride, or if movies count, One Stormy Night. I'm very glad that I can take them seriously, the former rides the line occasionally but it's no worse for that, it conquers that pitfall.
  5. Tenka

    Best budget e reader?

    The next ebook reader I had planned to buy is the Binatone Readme. It's probably kind of slow compared to modern phones and stuff but I find its style really comfortable. I see one on Ebay for about $40 total...
  6. Tenka

    World News Thread (Politics,whatever)

    This isn't me claiming to be for or against GPL and copywrite, I think the "you wouldn't steal a car" comparison is an apples to oranges kinda thing though, the situations have some things in common but they're different enough that it doesn't classify either one as the other, so anyone who...
  7. Tenka

    Yet another unofficial Pyra case color poll

    Plain orange so I can paste a matching Charizard sticker on it. Or transparent purple.
  8. Tenka

    The Caring Corner :)

    I forgot that sharing was an option. I guess I alluded to needing relief from some life troubles before I can resume living it. I don't want to reveal anything more about that right now, but thank you for your interest.
  9. Tenka

    The Caring Corner :)

    My connection isn't as shaken as that, but I feel reassured that I can find and reach what my self needs. FaeMinx, for me, is mostly a reminder of hope. Not for them, for satisfaction. Although in this life relief will probably have to come first. Let's have a nice day.
  10. Tenka

    Making a carbon case?

    I'm still very interested in new Pandora cases, I'd pay. Of course a metal case is the best but even just much nicer plastic is worth the upgrade to me.
  11. Tenka

    Join what has been split

    Sounds cool.  I hope somebody votes No, I would like to know what the dissenting opinion is if it's there. The new theme looks worse to me, too round and bubbly, but it also handles space nicely and I can see more things at once, I can get used to it.
  12. Tenka

    The PC World Is A Cluster Duck

    I would switch to Soylent if they sold a keto diet version.
  13. Tenka

    The PC World Is A Cluster Duck

    Exactly same here, here, here and here.
  14. Tenka

    Remove user status and postcount to save vertical space on short posts.

    I had issue with its removal.  I'm very happy to see it again.  I think there's a user option to hide avatars, which take up about seven times as much vertical space as that handy info line.  That said, I don't know what the three dots we all have above our avatars are for.  (yes I know what...
  15. Tenka

    Latest Topics links bring me to the last post.

    Or is this the way everyone else wants it?  I always liked using the Latest Topics links because they would bring me to the first post of the first page so I could freshly begin reading it.  Currently I afterward need to scroll to the top and click on page 1 every time.  I could be wrong, but...
  16. Tenka

    A plea to those without avatars

    I like the local forum avatars just being whatever thing first fell into being for every user, then later grew into something important and fitting of our impressions of each personality.  I don't like it when they're later changed.  I haven't remembered seeing anyone without an avatar here...
  17. Tenka

    Ram Poll.

    I like this fantasy.  Of course I imagine Mrs Cake to be a talking cake with arms and legs.
  18. Tenka

    Top bar follows me down the page now. No, please!  I'll scroll to the top if I want to use that, I don't want it taking up screen area at all times!  Plus auto moving interactive page stuff in general always gets in my way.