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  1. zsonance

    Troubleshooting Pcsxrearmed

    I'm not sure what happened to my other post, but it seems to have dissapeared. I need some help! I am using the newest version which I believe is R18, and I can't get any games to work at all except for Twisted Metal and WarHawk at this time. And I can even get the select button to even work...
  2. zsonance

    Pcsx Rearmed R17

    OK.. Just installed R18, and I'm still running into the same problem. Do I need to use a specific BIOS to get the games to work? So far the only games that work are WarHawk, and Twisted Metal.
  3. zsonance

    Pcsx Rearmed R17

    Could someone please help me out? I can't seem to get any games except twisted metal to even boot up. It begins to boot up both Gran Turismos, but just turns to a black screen. I was able to get twisted metal to load up and play, so that one is fine. Here are the other games that do not boot up...
  4. zsonance

    Emulator Version Updates

    Unfortunately, I don't know what any of this means. LOL
  5. zsonance

    Emulator Version Updates

    Hey folks, it's been a while since I've logged in.   I finally got my caanoo set up with TV-OUT cable and a it looks awesome on this little CRT television I have. ( except if it's a verticle game, then i can't see everything, lol)   I was hoping someone could post some links to the most updated...
  6. zsonance

    Neo Geo X Vs Caanoo Neo Geo Emulator!

    Just use MAME and GnGeo on the Caanoo..Gn Geo works awesome, but a lot of the games don't work properly. Some of them that don't work in GnGeo work in MAME though if it's the right version and whatnot. You just have to do some research and your own trial and error.
  7. zsonance

    F-200 For Sale

    This device has been sold. Thank you everyone for your e-mails!
  8. zsonance

    F-200 For Sale

    Hey everyone, I hope this is in the right section of the forum. I am trying to sell my GP2X F-200. Comes with rechargeable batteries, stylus pen, and SD Card. It is in excellent condition, and has not been used much. I'm willing to sell it for $100.00 OBO if anyone is interested please let me...
  9. zsonance

    Final Burn Alpha

    I had to try wrestlefest just because this guy kept talking about it. I loved it. Made me want to set it up to run on a cabinet ;)
  10. zsonance

    Caanoo Will Not Start

    There's a button the right side of the console flip it down lol
  11. zsonance

    Capex: D&d:tower Of Doom

    Yoshi Dragon for sure knows his stuff! ;)
  12. zsonance

    Fba V0.2.97.24 For Caanoo

    You guys will have to forgive me for not being extremely tech-y, but How is this version different from the port that Reesy made? Do certain games run that wouldn't on his port? Do they run smoother and faster?
  13. zsonance

    Selling My Caanoo $100

    That's a deal!
  14. zsonance

    New Caanoo Owner. My Thoughts On The Console

    At first, I couldn't get Street Fighter II to run fast enough or smoothly for the life of me, but for some reason it works perfect now in Mame4All. Same with FBA, works great. all versions
  15. zsonance

    Firmware And Mame

    I am not POSITIVE about this, but when i received my Caanoo, it already had 1.6.1 on it. mame works great, but there are still games that are not compatible with it, which is the only downside. You might want to do some research on your favorite games and how they run (if at all) on mame for...
  16. zsonance

    Alternative Portable Gaming Machine!

    I used to have a Lenovo S10 that was upgraded to 2 GIG of RAM, and a USB dual-shock joystick controller, and I must say it was AWESOME for emulation. Some of the systems I play on include ( MAME various arcade games, NEOGEO, Super Nintendo, Genesis, NES, etc.) But i also love the caanoo as...
  17. zsonance

    What Are Your Best Uses For The Wifi?

    I have never used a wifi dongle on my caanoo.. is there a special one you have to use specifically for the device? How powerful is the signal compared to say, like a laptop?
  18. zsonance

    Sorting/renaming Game Titles?

    I found this tutorial created by BAFelton to be very useful, when I started working with .ini files
  19. zsonance

    Mame 0.106

    A lot of games just crash in FBA
  20. zsonance

    Final Burn Alpha

    - I apologize :o