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  1. bennr01

    Pyra freezes randomly

    Unless some background process is copying some files, I am not copying any files at all. The freezes happen sometime directly after logging in, other times after opening a terminal or while trying to debug my modem.
  2. bennr01

    Pyra freezes randomly

    Hi everyone, I've recently had some time again to use my pyra. Unfortunately, it seems like the OS regularly freezes (does not react to inputs, does not update screen, no blinking LEDs, ...). These freezes are happening seemingly randomly, sometimes directly after login, sometimes half an hour...
  3. bennr01

    Got my pyra :)

    Got my pyra :)
  4. bennr01

    Should I have received my final order eMail already?

    AFAIK the S-ATA adapter is already sold out. There wasn't a big demand when asked about it on the forum, so only a couple dozens were produced. Those went to the shop roughly half a year or so ago and were already shipped. He still responds to support messages and inquiries on discord...
  5. bennr01

    First look at the new battery cover and a general update

    Thanks for the update, ED! I don't have much PHP experience myself, but would something like this work? <?php //path to file to read from // this should be a json file mapping ordernumber -> URL // this should *not* be inside your webroot directory $PREORDERS_JSON_FILE =...
  6. bennr01


    It's indeed a typo introduced during code refactoring (my fault, btw. Sorry.). Part of the code refactoring process was a separation of UI and business logic as well as providing a centralized interface. In this specific case, the UI class was no longer supposed to access the repository cache...
  7. bennr01

    Christmas Update - what happened 2021 and what will happen 2022

    You may also be interested in sebt3's pyra-builder (, a docker image for simpler cross-compilation.
  8. bennr01

    Finding the "Two Months™"-post closest to the actuall pyra shipment date

    Hi everyone, With the first pyra orders now being finalized, I think it is time we finally concentrate ourselves the single most important question on this board: Who made the most accurate "Two Month™" comment? First, the rules: - Any post/comment/message counts regardless of platform, as...
  9. bennr01

    Just a quick heads up

    ED just confirmed that preorders will ship this year. Nice!
  10. bennr01

    Just a quick heads up

    It's good to see these issues identified and fixed before delivery. Good News! Am I correct to assume that any impact on audio quality and latency caused by this change is trivial? I have no knowlegdge about audio circuits, but the delay should be within/below the microsecond range, right?
  11. bennr01

    It reminds me of the Pandora!

    ED just posted the following on discord:
  12. bennr01

    It reminds me of the Pandora!

    Happy Birthday!
  13. bennr01

    It reminds me of the Pandora!

    Thanks, just joined. Time to also lurk there. It's been a while since I've used discord for anything other than gaming...
  14. bennr01

    It reminds me of the Pandora!

    Thanks for the explanation ED! It's really nice to see actual numbers and I've also always wondered how much your shop usually sells. Two short questions: 1. A couple of years ago there was a discussion about serial numbers. Are you planning to write the serial number on each pyra? I would...
  15. bennr01

    It's software this time!

    Now I wonder whether it is possible to get a unassembled pyra as a DIY kit... Well, knowing my fine motor skills, or rather lack thereof, I'd only mess it up.
  16. bennr01

    It's software this time!

    Question: Will we be able to order additional cases when we pay the final payment? I'd be interested in having both colors, as well as the transparent ones if you are still planning on offering them. By the way, is anyone else getting their popcorn ready and waiting for the inevitable "I...
  17. bennr01

    You didn't expect this, I guess.

    BTW, will all units get a serial number or is this a prototype/pre-preorder exclusive thing?
  18. bennr01

    Pyra news partially stale from the dragon's mouth

    If you zoom in on the labels of the pyra cases received by ED, it says Color: Black.
  19. bennr01

    Getting closer...

    Preparations complete. Twenty smilies have been loaded into the clipboard. Awaiting command to post.
  20. bennr01

    That took a while...

    AFAIK WINE should work on the pyra if you run it using Exagear.