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    Minimal Gaming Os Possible?

    afaik, the realtime linux is something that a regular linux kernel runs on top of, with some small modifications. so it would mainly mean porting the realtime linux, not extensively modifying the current kernel. and yes, it might be harder than a minimal os, dunno, but it might be a nice solution :)
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    Minimal Gaming Os Possible?

    the goal of a real-time os is to provide some processes the ability to work on timing critical issues. this means they need the ability to prevent being preempted by the scheduler, being interrupted by other tasks... isn't that what we want for our emulators? full control, not being interrupted...
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    Minimal Gaming Os Possible?

    just wondering, if os background processes really disturb the programs, why immediatly go for minimal os? wouldn't an os with realtime abilities be equally good? i know there's a way to add realtime capabilities to your linux os (although i got 0 experience with it), and wouldn't the effect be...
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    Current Delivery Progress In The First 1000?

    maybe because they're assembling units rather than reading forums? ^^
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    Poll: Will This Be The Final Case?

    is this your final answer?
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    What's The First Film You Will Watch On The Pandora

    Hackers i love that movie
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    Can We *please* Have A Sticky About Windows? (lack Thereof)

    i doubt it'll do any good. the idiots that think it'll run windows, are the same idiots that'll never read stickys... it might be worth a try, but besides giving you another weapon to flame them with, it probably won't change anything
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    Should We Move? - Forum Transfer Discussion

    i'm actually wondering wether this is a serious comment or not seriously, the entire argument for moving was complete lack of will on hando's site to fix it, or let someone fix it. they're very right that this will one day end in catastrophe, and i've seen it happen on another community forum i...
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    Handheld Resolution Comparison

    would have been pretty suicidal if the new ds had another resolution ^^ hello huge compatibility problems ^^
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    besides, as if this would ever seriously work who has a good enough internet connection to stream that kind of data reliably? on the internet connections here in belgium, you'd hit your bandwith limit after a day of using the service ^^ not to mention i can't imagine much places where the...
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    Keeping My Order

    we've gone over this a million times already i think, but lets say it again? netbook vs pandora: -pandora fits in your pocket -has a touchscreen -has gaming controls if you don't care for either of those, get the netbook
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    So What''ll You Be Doing For The Next 4-8 Weeks? As Of March 8

    the same thing we do every week pinky TRY TO TAKE OVER THE WORLD!
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    I Am Making Members Sigs.

    i always said we need more generic showy and big sigs to distract our attention from the actual discussions
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    Pandora Availability In June

    the smurfs?
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    Review Of 13 Sdhc Cards In Tom''s Hardware

    lol, i found an error in one of the graphs ^^ the one with minimum/average/maximum read speed ^^ for the first card, min is 19.4, average is 19.7, max is 19.6 ^^ the average is higher than the maximum, very interesting :D
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    Starcraft For Mac Using Sheepshaver?

    ARM = advanced risc machine ;) there probably are some differences, but you can expect them to be quite similar i think
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    N64 Anyone?

    thank you captain obvious