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    Best C64 Games That Can Be Emulated

    Well I was a fan of shooters back in the day. Not sure if all of these are emulatable, but they're a start... Platform: Turrican 1 + 2 (technically shooters, but hey!) Arcade perfect (performance-wise) Bubble Bobble (but the bonuses are in different places). Rainbow Islands was damn fine too...
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    286/386sx Emulator

    Firstly, it's CISC (standing for Complex Instruction Set Computing), and secondly, C/R has nothing to do with it. 68K uses Complex methods, and you have Castaway. Risc chips are ideal for performing emulation (because the instruction set is so stripped down you can do the work you need to do...
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    Don't Write Off The 8 Bit Computers!

    That list was like a list of my "most thumbed disks" back in the day! Blagger was, incidentally the very first game I was ever bought (bought at the same time as my Acorn Electron was purchased... more than 18 years ago!).  I didn't like it very much to start with, and soon got hold of Guardian...
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    Other Gaming Fanzines? Retro?

    If you're feeling lazy there's always
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    Which Emulator Are Fullscreen With Gp32

    Castaway is almost fullscreen. The width is correct, but the height is about 40 short, and it's not too much of a problem (kind of handy that it's where the virtual keyboard goes).
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    Forced Reload/Forced Refresh probably would have done it too. Ctrl+F5. Recently converted to Firefox, and despite having to do fiddly things to get stuff you take for granted in IE, it is far better. Quicker loading, easily extensible, and tabbed browsing is really cool (and I was sceptical...
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    Question On Smc Readers

    You get one more... ¬: or maybe ~: But then you're screwed, you just can't add any more, and besides, you really ought to buy a bigger harddisk and get rid of those 40meg hard disks you keep on hoarding! :D
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    Smc Removal

    Is this from a Freddy Kruger dinner party trick? :D
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    Difference Between Different Branded Smc?

    The economy beans are usually in a white tin, say "Economy" or "Value" on them and cost 9p a tin! They taste like crap, and you may even get fewer beans in them (not that I've ever counted). And the reason they taste awful... the tomato sauce is watered down. (Research under taken in my...
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    Friend Wants To Get A Gp32, I Need A List.

    Castaway is perfect (as far as I can tell). Frodo has only failed on a few disks. Oh, and for any Scumm games - if you can't go any further (due to technical reasons) load the save game on a PC, play that part through, and then put the Save back on to your GP).
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    Halo 2....august Release?

    Would they really release Halo 2 in the same month as Doom3 considering the multiformat print mags only have so much space in them, and multiformat owners (people who own PCs and Xboxes) usually would buy one or the other, not both. Unless they release it really late in August...
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    Pocket Uae

    It'll be droolsome if we can get anywhere near fullspeed! Some of the demos from the Amiga scene were amazing, and then of course there's the sublime Project X. I am a little sceptical as to whether it is actually possible (loads of custom chips makes it more complicated than the ST), but good...
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    My Gp32 Is Rip Off

    Perhaps he used a GBA adapter and it doesn't work... (Deliberately using simple english for better Babeling) The GBA adapter does not work. The wires need swapping (switching, exchanging). Babelfished: L'adattatore di GBA non funziona. I legare devono scambiare (commutazione, scambiante).
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    Gamecube To Usb?

    GC/Xbox pad to usb converter? Dunno about GC, but Xbox pads are simply usb devices anyway. Get an old USB cable (or visit Maplins (electronics supply shop) and buy the connector for just under a quid) and hook the coloured cables up like for like (specs for hooking up just the connector easily...
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    100 Great Ps1 Games

    92. (but should be 1!) Bubble Bobble 93. (but should be higher) Atari Anniversary 94. X2 (loved Project X on the Amiga!)
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    Would Sega Saturn Be Possible?

    Actually, it wasn't a sensible question, because we've only barely got good emulation of the Saturn's predecessors (Megadrive, and in terms of generational hardware the SNES) and no emulation of early PCs.
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    Buying A Blu

    The tax thing is a bit of a lottery here in the UK. Sometimes you do, sometimes you don't.
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    Wad Merger

    Smilies obviously mean nothing to you, Tel... :rolleyes: :D :P
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    Gp32 Modulation. is the website for the bravest of the brave soldering iron wielders. Incidentally, I believe someone made an adapter so you could hook up the chunky D cell type batteries, making them last longer, but obviously making your GP take up about the same space as an XBox contoller...
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    GP32 Gpquake On Sourceforge

    I think what you've got there is an unPAKed version of Quake. Don't quote me on this, but I think the PAK format is simply a Zip with no compression that has been renamed (at least it was in Q3A). Zip all the contents of the folder above the Sound folder. Change the extension of the file from...