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  1. Miknal

    And This Is Why We Need A Dream Cast Emulator

    On the plus side, a slowed down version might actually make it possible for me to beat berserk on the hardest setting :D
  2. Miknal

    Uk Bitorrenting "ACS: Law recently obtained two High Court orders that require ISPs to hand over the names and addresses of the account holders for 30,000 IP addresses, a number which can identify a computer on the internet. It is currently preparing three...
  3. Miknal

    Shipping Date: Guessing Game

    I am going to go with March the 15th. I think that was my first estimate in this game, posted a year ago. :/
  4. Miknal


    I played it for far more than that :P And besides which, the original made you press the button down whenever you wanted to say something, so it doesn't sound like it would be that bad a compromise.
  5. Miknal

    How To Deal With The Newbs?

    I have seen newbie forums work well. Generally being nicer to them (I would say me, but I have never had anyone being an ass) could also help. Information is good, snarky comments, not so much.
  6. Miknal


    I had seaman when I started university, and seaman provided me with many hours of entertainment with my flatmates. I would recommend getting seaman to everyone. Now that is out of the way, I do hope it can be emulated well, and it was hardly graphically intensive, and good fun.
  7. Miknal


    Gah, I forgot the pandora has a built in mic. So, yeah, will that work with the game?
  8. Miknal


    This just reminded me. With a working DC emulator, we get seaman. But obviously the mic was a massive part of the game, will a usb mic be able to do the same on the emulator, or do we just not know yet? I know, bit of an odd question...
  9. Miknal

    When Is The Real Release Date...

    Would it not be easier to just make a newbie forum? I mean, that list is fine for regular forum posting, but could be a little discouraging for someone browsing the internet who just wants to know if "thingy A" will work with "item B".
  10. Miknal

    Age And Gender

    Anyone who thinks the nature nurture debate falls exclusively on one side or the other is fooling themselves. It is a bit of both, and which plays more of a part will shift depending on the situation and cultural tendencies. Nurture plays a part, as is shown by the shifting gender likes for...
  11. Miknal

    Gamebone Pro Pad For The Iphone

    Not sure if there is a video of the gamebone thing, I doubt it. But the estimated eta is 6 weeks away, so I would assume a vid isn't far off if it is real! And lets be honest, it is not the only control pad floating around, and this one does have a video...
  12. Miknal

    Gamebone Pro Pad For The Iphone

    Yeah, personally I would like the option. But then again, beggers can't be choosers, and ANYTHING is better than the current tapping the screen option!
  13. Miknal

    Gamebone Pro Pad For The Iphone I don't think this has been posted before, but if so, I apologise. I remember Craigx saying he was working on a similar item. Or someone who is involved in projects here anyway. He/they may wish to get a move on now.
  14. Miknal

    New Twitter From Craigx May Be Of Intrest To All Of You

    As someone who lives in Birmingham, I can assure you we would never harm the coco pops. It's the lucky charms that get it. Funny talking gold hoarding midget guards were never going to be enough...
  15. Miknal

    Emulation Vs Homebrew

    It is not. I wrote which do you prefer, which infers liking one more than the other, not which are you interested in, which includes any vague interest you may have in either or them. But I assume most people here will use both at some point or another, so a topic gathering interest would have...
  16. Miknal

    What System Do You Want Emulated First?

    Then surely getting a dingoo would be a far better option? Over £100 cheaper, does everything you want, and is out now.
  17. Miknal

    The New Forum Look

    Dude, how have you managed to get that many negative votes already?
  18. Miknal

    Emulation Vs Homebrew

    This topic has really surprised me, I assumed most were in this project for the emulation of psx, snes etc, and a few hobbists doing homebrew as a bonus. Shows how much I know! Also, to the person how disliked my starting post in the topic, cheers, ha.
  19. Miknal

    Emulation Vs Homebrew

    Fine, just for you, the poll is amended :P
  20. Miknal

    Emulation Vs Homebrew

    The topic about devs got me thinking about which people want more, devs that do homebrew, or emulators. So vote now. Edit: For simplicity, I have not included other apps that devs could make to be used on the pandora, as I am assuming most will use the console primarily for gaming. If you wish...