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  1. pengo

    Should I have received my final order eMail already?

    Wow that's beautiful! Thanks for the picture @Magic Sam!:p&|a:<3
  2. pengo

    My first impressions of the Pyra

    Great concept, will buy a Pyra Porta-hub! Looks like one of these
  3. pengo

    It reminds me of the Pandora!

    Thanks for sharing a picture of Dante project. Very cool! Yes, please try dhewm3 with bumpmap, specular, and shadow enabled if possible!
  4. pengo

    It's software this time!

    Yes, just like !
  5. pengo

    PiBoy DMG - Finally a well-built, affordable RPi4 handheld

    Looks like they didn't start a keyboard thread for it. :p
  6. pengo

    Smartdevices : smartq v5 WindowsCE bootloop

    You're welcome, Ghostcatcher64. Nice to see a topic about the Smartq device, especially being an "old" device. :p When I saw videos of it booting into linux 10 years back I really thought it was neat for what the device was capable of then. I hope your repair is successful. Welcome and see...
  7. pengo

    Smartdevices : smartq v5 WindowsCE bootloop

    Linux device on the go? Sounds like you need a Dragonbox Pyra ;) SmartQ archives can be browsed here. There was also another neat website dedicated to SmartQ devices, the archives accessible here with flashing instructions. Good luck!
  8. pengo


    Much better with the top right layout fix. Hope the final version can be close to it!
  9. pengo

    What Do You See?

    I'm not entirely sure if this could be part of the reason why there is large number of young people with aphantasia becuase it could be many other things too including the habit of easy netsurfing. Anything's possible, so my imagination is as faulty as yours.:)
  10. pengo

    What Do You See?

    I really appreciate your replies everyone. Every post has been interesting. Reading the different experiences on the web I see that there are people from the older age group (close to age 70-above) affected but even more intriguing most of posts are from the younger age group (around 20 and...
  11. pengo

    What Do You See?

    LOL Well, at least you had some kind of mutating visualization.
  12. pengo

    What Do You See?

    Hmm, a bit difficult it seems. Is there any kind of picture at all? Just curious if you have you ever tried drawing freehand from thought, or do you usually use a picture or a reference object?
  13. pengo

    What Do You See?

    What do you see when you close your eyes to imagine an apple? Take a moment to try to picture an apple in your mind. (Please do not scroll down until you attempt to visualize an apple in your mind)...
  14. pengo

    GCW Zero Gmenu2x skins

    Beautiful work on the updated skins! Thank you much for sharing with us the Gmenu2x skin pack!:gp2x:
  15. pengo

    Are you interested in a new Pandora LCD cable?

    Yes, thank you for starting a poll for cable replacements. I am very interested to purchase a couple should there be a new batch.:):p&|a:
  16. pengo

    Are RMA repairs still available?

    I am very interested as well.
  17. pengo

    Hardware MOD Sharing (add vibrator and keyboard backlight)

    Beautiful mod! Thank you for sharing the detailed pictures and the files.
  18. pengo

    GPD P2 Max - Announced

    POCKET 3 Max
  19. pengo

    Is there a way to get a LCD cable?

    Thank you ED. I did a little searching and came across a post in an electronics forum about a company called "WellPCB" that also produces PCB flex cables. They seem to have some positive reviews regarding price and quality. Their site states minimum order of 30, I wonder what price they would...