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    Amiga Emulation

    Hi everyone, hope you all had an excellent Christmas. I am looking for a Commodore Amiga emulator for the GP32, but am having no luck with the normal websites. Anyone out there got one ? (I have lots of games/applications etc for the Amiga, but no emulator !!!!) Thanks for your help.
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    Spectrum & C64 Emulation - Help !!!!

    Thank You to everyone that replied - I have now got my spectrum emulator working with the old games and about to start work on the C64 and Amiga!!!! Thanks again guys.
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    Spectrum & C64 Emulation - Help !!!!

    Hi everyone. I am a brand new GP32 owner (and proud !!!!!). My dream is to be able to play old Spectrum and Commodore 64 games, such as Jet Set Willy & Manic Miner on my GP32. I have located loads of emulators to download, but have now idea how to use these or how where to source the games...