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    Gp32 Revival Coding Compo Launched

    Hope this goes well! It would be excellent!
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    .ogm / .mkv Question. [gp2x]

    Also looking to do this with my gp32.
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    Conversion Guide? Gp32

    I need a guide on how to convert video to gpcinema format.. it seems everything from before has been taken down. I also need a proper vdub link and the xvid that works :D thanks.. and yes i tried the search button and found nothing.
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    Whats Up With This Article

    i made 2 topics because i clicked post, it lagged and i clicked post again. it made 2.
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    Whats Up With This Article

    well if what i read is correct, gamepark split into gamepark and gamepark holdings, from what i believe nither of them are ripoffs.
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    Whats Up With This Article considers the GP2X to be a SPINOFF. dont you think news sites should read up on the topics they are making articles about before actually writing the articles?
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    Gp32 Video

    There used to be a tutorial to encode the movies to put onto the gp32 but i cant seem to find it, can somone point me in the right direction? thanks!
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    Should I Wait?

    i currently have a gp32 and am wondering if i should just get a 2x or wait for some problems to be fixed. i have read the forums a little bit and people have been complaining about some problems. im wondering if most of these problems will be fixed in later shipments of the system, or will...
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    Get Together (gpx2 Release)

    somone should put somthing together in the US
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    Get Together (gpx2 Release)

    wheres dis?
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    When these two new systems come out, who will buy what? What system is this current community going to lean twords? Will they go for the XGP if its open source? or will people go for the GPX2? i just want to know what one to buy, cause i want to stay with the community.
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    How Did You Found Out About The Gp32?

    heard about it in EGM
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    Asr Carry Case - What's Good About It?

    i have one and i think its great, the plastic bit inside dosent fit perfectly, but you would take it out to play anyway, theres also a handy loop on the back to tie to yourself or somthing, belt maybe? Inside theres 2 spots for smcs and a handy little zip mesh pouch for earbuds or more games...
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    Mario Rpg Snes9x

    hey it works! thanks!
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    Mario Rpg Snes9x

    is there a zsnes for gp32? if so can i have a link?
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    Mario Rpg Snes9x

    what other emu? url, ill load it up now and check it out.
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    Mario Rpg Snes9x

    on the compatability list somone got it to work.
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    Mario Rpg Snes9x

    whenever i try and load mario RPG on my gp, it just gives me a blank screen, i can load the same file into zsnes and it works fine. the file is over 4 mb but chrono trigger is larger and it works fine. im using version 3! need help fast!
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    What The Fudge!