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  1. ndbsolar

    Pyra for sale. Skip the queue [SOLD]

    Sorry about that Trashy. Anyway, the item has now sold so you can delete this thread if you like. Or I will update my original post
  2. ndbsolar

    Pyra for sale. Skip the queue [SOLD]

    I've been in this community since the gp32 days. I will be back ;)
  3. ndbsolar

    Pyra for sale. Skip the queue [SOLD]

    This item is now sold. Congratulations to the lucky buyer :)
  4. ndbsolar

    Horror films for someone that 'can't be scared' ..?

    Thithisthis, a million times this...
  5. ndbsolar

    NINTENDO SNES PlayStation Prototype found!

    I'm more interested in what's on that cartridge... Super Mario 3d maybe??
  6. ndbsolar

    Half Life Running on Pandora! (Xash3d)

    Would anyone believe me if I said I have never played Half life? Cannot wait for this :)
  7. ndbsolar

    Shenmue HD Remaster

    It does look amazing, I hope it will be completed one day. Anyone know if Reicast can support texture packs?
  8. ndbsolar

    First version of Reicast on the Pyra devboard

    Looks amazing :) Can't wait for preorders to start :)
  9. ndbsolar

    [ New Pandora Use ] 3doh, 3DO emulator

    Oh my god... 3DO need for speed is one of the greatest racing games ever made :)
  10. ndbsolar

    Release REICAST - Dreamcast Emulator

    How does this not have a million replies? Thank you so much for doing this ptitSeb :)  
  11. ndbsolar

    Finding a proper name and logo :)

    Ok Guys. How about keeping this simple. P2 or P2 - Dragonbox Simple :) Ahh forget it... I see that I'm too late to this party :(
  12. ndbsolar

    Vertical black line on screen

    I have this exact problem on my new unit. It started out black, but has now changed to white, and it is on the left hand side of the screen. Anyone have any tips on a way to fix this or do I need to send it back for a new screen? Edit / I should add that mine is about 1cm from the left side...
  13. ndbsolar

    Scale of the Universe 2

    Love the accurate size of the Minecraft world in with the planets :)
  14. ndbsolar

    Release Homeworld

    Amazing game :) Thanks for the long overdue update :)
  15. ndbsolar

    N64 seems like half the speed that it once was. So...

    Errr well for me with the latest version of Mupen, nomatter what I do with the config file and what speed I run my Pandora at, Super Mario 64 is totally unplayable. Add to the list Waverace, any of the Zeldas and Martiokart if your wondering. As soon as I change the pnd to R1B5 I can play at...
  16. ndbsolar

    N64 seems like half the speed that it once was. So...

    I know I am not the only person here who has some issues with the speed of the latest version of mupen, so I have a request for some kind soul with greater knowledge than my current level of idiocy. This older version of mupen is much much faster than...
  17. ndbsolar

    100% success! (2011-12-24)

    Some of the best news that I have heard all this year. Looking forward to my second unit arriving now :)
  18. ndbsolar

    im new to this and need help

    Like a dream. Some people have reported small bugs, but I can't seem to find any...
  19. ndbsolar

    Daytona USA Arcade HD remake

    An amazing game in the arcades and on the Saturn. I'm so happy that finally I can play the true version at home :) A part of me is a little sad that they have chosen this over an arcade Sega Rally port though. Best racing of all time along with snes Mariokart.