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  1. fantomid

    Wireframe magazine

    Who will find the community member answering question in this article ? ;) I got issues from this magazine, pretty interesting.
  2. fantomid

    Release OpenBOR

    @mamemaniac, I will put the PND on the repo after correcting the SOR2X PND crash. This module (OpenBoR build 6330) use the webm library to play video and the library is included in the OpenBoR build 4153. So, I will apply the correction to OpenBoR build 4153 and 6330. Could someone test the...
  3. fantomid

    DISTRAINT Deluxe Edition free until 25 jan, 2019 15h CET
  4. fantomid

    Release OpenBOR

    Yop, here is the PND of the Double Dragon Reloaded with 3.0.3 version. @mamemaniac, you could try it, others too :) The 3.0.3 version is included in the PND and during the first start, decompression is done. You have to wait first for the decompression, then the loading is quite long even on...
  5. fantomid

    Release OpenBOR

    Manage to build the 4153 revision for SDL2 with the latest codeblocks beta from @ptitSeb But only two players mode is available when launching a game. I have to check that before making the Double Dragon Reloaded PND asked by @mamemaniac :)
  6. fantomid

    .. T ... H ... I ... N ... K ... I ... N ... G ..

    .. T ... H ... I ... N ... K ... I ... N ... G ..
  7. fantomid

    What are you going to do when you first get your Pyra

    Prepare exhibitions in France In Toulouse, we got every year the Toulouse Game Show (approx. 50K visitors, don't compare to Gamescom) and a FOSS event (Capitole du Libre) In Lyon, we got a new event around video games and a FOSS event too (JDLL) We could probably apply for events in Bordeaux and...
  8. fantomid

    Gamescom 2018

    Very nice pictures. Thanks for sharing. Have to go to Gamescom one day...
  9. fantomid

    An other CPU discussion. Rockchip RK3399 sounds good

    @hns, I got more questions regarding the LC15EVM do you have the final quotation for the base board ? do you think adding UEXT or RPI style connectors could be possible without breaking all the current layout ?
  10. fantomid

    Release Haxe toolkit

    Manage to build with hxcpp and run the Hello World sample :happy: I will update the package with hxcpp soon. The codeblocks package will be necessary on one of your SD cards to create native binaries. I will try Nme and Lime afterwards.
  11. fantomid

    Giving a chance to Haxe Toolkit on community handhelds

    Giving a chance to Haxe Toolkit on community handhelds
  12. fantomid

    Release Haxe toolkit

    You need to run ldconfig with a file that includes the path /mnt/utmp/Haxe/lib I'm working on hxcpp to include the latest version for Haxe 3.4.4 and the 3.4.64 version for Haxe 3.2.1, mainly for the luxe engine. And thanks for your feedback.
  13. fantomid

    Release Haxe toolkit

    Here is the Haxe toolkit: Included in the PND are the 3.2.1 and 3.4.4 versions of the toolkit and ocaml. To get more information about Haxe, go to the homepage The native compilation for Pandora (and Pyra :)) will be included...
  14. fantomid

    The Pandora Port Request Thread

    Maybe a candidate for the Pyra.
  15. fantomid

    Release OpenBOR

    The PND has been updated. Sorry for the delay :oops: and merry christmas.
  16. fantomid

    Port Requests

    A SDL2 version of Mr. Boom is available with source code. Homepage: Github:
  17. fantomid

    I'm out of ideas for news-titles

    The stand alone is not reserved. Had to get feedback from the game dev association to know if we could get a little space :|
  18. fantomid

    Software repo password reset

    Found the lost password. Will update the OpenBOR package soon :)
  19. fantomid

    Software repo password reset

    @EvilDragon, could you reset my password, plz ?
  20. fantomid

    Software repo password reset

    Decided to update the OpenBOR pnd to follow the information contained in this chronocrash post, I tried to connect on the repo. But I forgot my password and maybe the email account attached :oops: I tried to reset it, but it seems that it's doesn't work anymore, does it ?