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  1. matzesu

    Allways a Arm Lenght Distance, or how to measure ?

    To splitt the Measuring Discussion a bit from the more important Pyra Assembly Thread, i would like to put the rest of this discussion i this thread.. Some are using the metric System (mostly in Europe), some the imperial ..
  2. matzesu

    How to deal whit the own language??

    As I wrote something in German on the Thread where Askarus tell that the wrote his bachelor thesis whit the Pyra, because I ditnt know the right English therm for „Hauptschulabschluss“ .. The Question is: how to deal whit the Languages on this Boards?? Some of the Members are German, others...
  3. matzesu

    Hat’s and other weird headwear

    Because I don’t want to keep the News Posts offtopic, I think whe should make a Thread about this important Topic Because I saw the Cowboys wearing they’re Hats on the Intro of Red Dead Redemption 2 in Winter, and I found this a Good Idea, i decide to wear my Hat in Winter too, also i hat good...
  4. matzesu

    What’s your Ordernumber?? for New Orderers, or new Owners (in 2 Months TM)

    My Ordernumber is 28, if someone ask ^^ Gesendet von iPhone mit Tapatalk Pro
  5. matzesu

    EDC, or what’s in your Pockets??

    Whe would not wait for the Pyra if whe weren’t a bit strange, or a tiny bit Nerdy, Some of us carry a half Office Everyday in they’re Pockets, So what’s for you stuff you carry everyday, anyway if needed?? I have: - Pandora - Small USB 3 Hub - Roll On Cable whit USB to Micro USB and...
  6. matzesu

    Swiss Army Knive, the Pyra under the Sharp Tools

    Some of my SAK: Wenger/Victorinox Evogrip S557 Victorinox Swisschamp XLT Victorinox Workchamp and one of my Leathermans I’m currently using just the S557, as it’s even legal if the German Gouverment bans blades over 6 cm And it’s locking Blade is quite save
  7. matzesu

    What dit you use your Pandora/Pyra today/the last few days

    I know, that at the Time i post this Thread, not many will have a Pyra, but as some usecase of Pandora and Pyra will be just the Same, maybe its not the badest idea to make this Post now, tell the comunity, what you make today (or the last few days) whit you tiny little Linux PC, Last Sunday...
  8. matzesu

    Brief Answers to the Big (Pyra) Questions

    There is a simular Topic in the German, (EvilDragons German Board about Gp2x Pandora, etc), so i thought this should be a great topic for your Questuions about the Pyra, mybe some small practical Questions (how hot can i clean my Pyra??), and such things.. Dotnt expect me to...
  9. matzesu

    The New Ultimative Books Thread (You know this Things that arent Electronical)

    Because whe abuse the Absurbism Corner too much whit the Book Discussion, i think whe should make this Thread our new corner for Books, So if some Moderator please move the Books Discussion in here ?? Thanks in Advance
  10. matzesu

    The New Ultimative Smaltalk Threadt (lots of Off Topic)

    Because there was a lot Off Topic in the "What are you buying recently" Thread, i dezided to make a new one just for Off Topic, At this Place you can talk about everything else, which ditnt have anything to do whit the topics.. I personaly use these Threads for some sort of personal blog, speak...
  11. matzesu

    Some Prepreorderers final questions

    Hellolo, How dos this continue whit my prepreorder now,?? I can remember you said the PrePreorder Units are getting build ewen if i dotnt order on the regular order day, and it will sit on your "shelf" until its get orderd by its prepreoderer.. But how do you know which unit will get my...
  12. matzesu

    My Backlight ditnt seems to change anymore

    Hellolo, Im a happy owner of a First Batch Pandora since 2 Yeahrs, it has the new Platin Case, and the new Display Cable since last yeahr.. But i have now a Problem whit the Backlight: It dosnt seems to Change his brigness whit fn & + / - or if i bring it in Standbye Mode, or close the...
  13. matzesu

    Port Request: Rackarrack

    Hellölle, Wouldnt it great, to have your own Powerfull Guitar and Bass Amp on your Openpandora?? Mybe just to trainee some riffs on the goo, or something, There is the Opensource Programm Rackarrack, which has alot of Effekts for E-Guitar an Bass, and suports also the "Rocksmith...
  14. matzesu

    Minecraft + Pandora FTW

    Hello Everyone, on Notchs Homepage, there is an Review of the Pandora Notch is the Developer of Minecraft, so meybe whe see a Port of Minecraft to the Pandora soon.. NOTE: This Review was from June last Yeahr, not new, but also good Source
  15. matzesu

    Dit You Ever Wants To Know, What Is The Text On The Label?

    Under the Battery of the Pandora, its a label whit a text and some data, i think, there are a lot of peaple, whos goten there Pandora and knows it, but even more peaple (me to) thats dont know the text.. so i had make me the work and read the text on a youtube Video from techmoan here it is...
  16. matzesu

    Do Panic!

    Whe have a big Problem!!, Ohh F***!!!! Dont know about Vulkans, but in the Germain Forum is a big Diskussion about it.. My link Meybe this is not good for the Pandora produktion.. :unsure: edit: i forgot some inportant words: omg, omfg, lol, rofl omfgwwad (o my f.. good, whe would...
  17. matzesu

    And What Is Whit The Orignal Pandora Case (Or Bag)

    hello, everione, we have not very long to the realease, and a long time ago, whe bougt the pandora whit al incredible accesiars, like the pandora bag/case, a standart case whit the pandora logo, but ther are a lot of standart cases in the world, yet, where the massproduktion gos to begin have i...
  18. matzesu

    Game Idea: "unimog Simulator

    hello, im new in this forum and my english is realy awefull.. but i have a game idea "the unimog simulator" -open world, 3D, touchscreen suport, wlan coop modus, the unimog is universal motor gerät, a truck from the german company mercedes benz.. whit this vehikel, you can make your work on...