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  1. erico

    The Outhouse

    Hello chaps, I´m putting some final touches on a new game for PC win and would like to share it with you. Some of you might remember the trs-80 and the trs-80 color computers. They had some cool games. :) One of them was Outhouse, a game you are an UFO and have to protect an outhouse and its...
  2. erico

    Release Gravedigger

    The game has been released. You can get it for the Pandora here at the repo: If you would like to support it, you can buy a pc windows version here: What? no windows? Just gift friends and...
  3. erico

    Burger Lord (intellivision burgertime-inspired multiplayer action drama) released

    Time for the shameless plug! I have been working on this game for quite some time now and it is finally released! I made a quick devlog here in case you guys want to check a bit of the making of. The steam page is here, it costs 9$: Itchio...
  4. erico

    Gamebuino Meta

    Hello chaps, some may remember the Gamebuino indiegogo campaign a few years ago? I was a backer and always enjoyed the project. They have been working the past year on a follow up and I have been helping them as best I can. The campaign went live yesterday and I invite you guys to check it out...
  5. erico

    Do you like Johnny Cash?

    As the title says...
  6. erico

    Source of these films

    Are anyone here Russian? or anyone else would come to know the source of these movies? Some friends were interested on the images to use with some doc. It shows an internet address like but it doesn´t work here on my end.
  7. erico

    LOVE 2D - game engine

    Hello chaps, I was wondering, Love seems capable to run on pandora/pyra, I can´t find much on the forum about it. Would it run/work? Lot´s of nice games from compos and the last GBjam5 were done with it, it could be a great source of nice games if ported.
  8. erico

    MRU:LV-246 Escape from Hadley's Hope

    This is a quick action game I did for the GBJam 5. Travel to station 7 avoiding the bombs and trying not to fall off screen. Controls: enter / space/ B to start game. pad to move around. B to jump or double jump if you can. Power ups at Checkpoints: hull repair max hull increase extra jump...
  9. erico

    FC mobile II

    Here a portable nes handheld/console, probably very specific for nes fans or collectors as it only do that but it seems very complete with 2 pads and gun. Not for me as it is a nes only thing, but I like the initiative. Site...
  10. erico

    CHIP 9$ portable computer

    Check this out: Here an older version I think.: What do you guys think about it? Looks charming but the mobile version is a bit ugly.
  11. erico

    Logos from Erico

    Hello there, here goes my attempt. Some prior thoughts: . Pyra is a girl, so the logo should be of a round type . Girl´s hair and fire element should be considered . Pyra and Deucalion were the only survivors from some great deluge, therefore water element should be considered . Logo must...
  12. erico

    Pandora keyboard (multiple keypress)

    I don´t own a Pandora. But was wondering. how many keyboard presses can be done simultaneously? The idea is a two player game, where each player controls his character on each analog thing. Some buttons must be pressed and may happen at the same time, considering I use some of the qwerty...
  13. erico


    It would be nice to have it compiled on the caanoo, suppose it could go along with an USB keyboard... I don´t know how to do it, but will leave it here in case somegod think it is worth. :rolleyes:
  14. erico

    eee happy dragon year!

    Have a great dragon year everyone! health, peace and prosperity to everyone. I hope Evil Dragon is a water one! cheers :D
  15. erico

    Up Dates

    It would be nice to have grafx2 more accommodated on the caanoo screen resolution, I mean clicking on the extreme borders. Would be nice if the interface was slightly shrunk, like taking off one pixel row on each icon. I can help shrinking the interface...
  16. erico

    Milky Trakcer+Korg Nano Key

    I have tried milky and it is wonderful. Specially after the voxatron guy used it to compose his soo much beautiful music. scroll down the blog for a XM version. One problem my version crashes when exit. Another, I have borrowed a korg nano key from a friend...
  17. erico


    It seems when I copy things to the caanoo, like my newer game version, it remembers the last version, and plays that one instead. I´m using the plug unplug technic, I realised already it´s no good, sometimes it works, like a single shot. But let´s say, for tunning the g-sensor control, I have...
  18. erico


    I´m a powder player. sorry, it´s my addiction! :rolleyes: Such a great roguelike Jeff Lait made... his page is here: I have a caanoo port here but it is not up to date, tried the GBA version on an emulator, but didn´t work. I contacted...
  19. erico


    This one program looks like a nice solution for animations on the go. I just love the interface. here is the main site: It´s open source and sources are available there on the download section. I wish I could do the port, but have 0 knowledge on the deal.
  20. erico

    Usb Mode

    I have been running a set of tests on the caanoo. moving the program back and forth from the pc by SDcard is a pain, so I connected by USB and whenever it boots, it gets into USB mode and I transfer the file. Problem is that after I press X to get the caanoo back to ´Normal´ mode and run the...