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    New Saturn emulator on Pandora

    Here's a little video of the WIP Saturn emulator lirpa v.1.0.0.f, running a few games full-speed on Pandora:
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    [Emulator] 8Blitter (MasterSystem/Gamegear/Gameboy)

    8Blitter is a MasterSystem/Gamegear/Gameboy emulator. None of the emulators is a port, or using existing code. There are surely better emulators out there for each individual system, but i have been sitting on this for a while, so i thought, why not release it, as it has some useful features...
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    Caanoo / WIZ Overclocking The Caanoo

    I recently got a Wiz and Caanoo and was playing around a bit with them. I tried to set the clock speed by PLL0 in the way it was done on the Wiz, but anything below 233 and above 600 would crash. I was wondering about this, so i investigated a bit and found that the default setup is different...