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  1. dedeibel

    Problem Using Sdl_ttf

    Hi, I want to have a some numbers displayed on the screen and since I am using SDL I wanted to realize it with SDL_ttf Now I get some errors like: TTF_RenderText_Solid: SDL_UpperBlit: passed a NULL surface Here is some code, maybe you could have a look. The method draw will be called...
  2. dedeibel

    Gp2x Mencoder Bash Script

    Hi, I created a bash script for encoding Videos with mencoder (mplayer) for the gp2x and thought maybe someone finds it usefull. It is meant for ppl who don't like to remember their default settings and have the gp2x-ready movies in one directory. You can set a default directory (outputDir)...
  3. dedeibel

    Go For The First Shipment?

    Hi GP Fans, since I am kind of new to this board some things still confuse me a bit. I can't really tell what is fact and what isn't. I'd say since the release is close things should be settled by now. (PSX, Dosbox support for example?). To the actual question. Do you think it is save to go...