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  1. Magic Sam

    [Arcade Racing Legends Dreamcast] In-game sponsoring for ?

    Hi all ! @EvilDragon : a new racing game from PixelHeart is ready for pledges on Kickstarter: There are some in-game sponsoring options I think could be of interest to you and your shop :) What do you think ? Cheers, Magic Sam EDIT: new sponsoring prices on July 5th :)
  2. Magic Sam

    Dreamcast HDMI cables + networking options

    Hi all :) @EvilDragon : I bought your last HDMI cable for Dreamcast (from Hyperkin) some days ago, and it's working well, thank you ! I just stumbled upon those alternative cables and mods that could be of interest if you want to replenish your stock: HD Link...
  3. Magic Sam


    Hi all ! PC/GEOS is now open source :) It requires Watcom to compile though (don't think that one is compatible with ARM): Cheers, Magic Sam
  4. Magic Sam

    Pandora page is blank

    Hi all :) @EvilDragon : the Pandora page is blank: Is it a normal change in anticipation of the Pyra, or did something go wrong ? Cheers, Magic Sam
  5. Magic Sam

    Pixelglass Games ?

    Hi all :) @EvilDragon : do you plan to stock some boxed copies from Pixelglass Games ? Cheers, Magic Sam
  6. Magic Sam

    Rune - Haiku Images on ARM

    Hi, Title says it all :) Cheers, Magic Sam
  7. Magic Sam

    Beta OpenSSN 1.4

    Hi all, After some work (see here:, I finally managed to port Jesse Smith's OpenSSN 1.4 to the Pandora: Grab it on the Repo while it's hot ...
  8. Magic Sam

    webOS Open Source Edition

    Hi :) The title says it all: It already runs on the Rpi3: Cheers, Magic Sam
  9. Magic Sam

    Wings! Remastered Amiga Edition

    Hi all :) @EvilDragon : I have some comments / questions regarding Wings! Remastered Amiga Edition on sale (but not in stock at the moment) at your shop: 1) The demos you linked to are no longer online...
  10. Magic Sam

    Update Hatari 2.1.0

    Hi all ! In order to watch one of my colleague's latest demo released at Alchimie 12, I compiled a recent version of Hatari 2.0 on the Pandora :) Grab it on the Repo while it's hot: /!\ N.B (updated...
  11. Magic Sam

    Beta DPS8/M simulator + Multics 12.6f

    Hi all :) With a lot of help from Charles Anthony (one of the authors) and Vincent Scarafino (who ported the simulator to the Raspberry Pi), I have compiled the DPS8/M simulator on the Pandora: Grab it on the Repo...
  12. Magic Sam

    Release Lord of the Rings

    Hi all ! To celebrate the release of J.R.R. Tolkien's "Beren and Luthien", I decided to port a newer version of Michal Benes' Lord of the Rings to the Pandora :)úthien Grab it on the Repo while it's hot...
  13. Magic Sam

    postmarketOS on the Pyra ?

    Hi all :) Wouldn't it be great to have postmarketOS running on the Pyra ? Cheers, Magic Sam
  14. Magic Sam

    New Dreamcast Games

    Hi all :) Two new games are coming to the Dreamcast ! - Breakers (SNK) - Intrepid Izzy (Senile Team) @Wrath Of Khan : have you heard...
  15. Magic Sam

    Beta Siag Office

    Hi all :) I have compiled Ulric Eriksson's Siag Office on the Pandora ! Grab it on the Repo while it's hot: New in build #1 - Ulric Eriksson's Siag Office 3.6.1 - Mandatory...
  16. Magic Sam

    Release Planet Hively

    Hi all :) I have compiled Planet Hively on the Pandora, a music disk from Iris and Up Rough, released in 2007: Grab it on the repo while it's hot ...
  17. Magic Sam

    Hacker Archetypes by Eric S. Raymond

    Hi all :) An interesting article by ESR: Which archetype does suit you guys best ? Cheers, Magic Sam
  18. Magic Sam

    Dreamcast Replacement Cases ?

    Hi all :) @EvilDragon : what about selling Dreamcast replacement (jewel) cases at your shop ? I bought Shenmue 1 in a second-hand shop some days ago, and the cases are falling apart... Cheers, Magic Sam
  19. Magic Sam

    Beta NetHack 3.6.1

    Hi all ! I have compiled NetHack 3.6.1 on the Pandora :) Grab it on the Repo while it's hot ! New in build #1 - NetHack 3.6.1 (TTY / ncurses version) from git on March the 5th, 2017 - Followed the...
  20. Magic Sam

    Update Powder 118

    Hi all :) I have compiled Jeff Lait's Powder 118 beta 3 on the Pandora ! Grab it on the Repo while it's hot ! New in build #1 - Jeff Lait's Powder 118 beta 3 from May 2016 - Compiled with @ptitSeb 's...