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  1. TeDaDeS

    Gamescom 2020 (Digital only)

    This week Gamescom 2020 would have started in Köln (Germany), but due to Covid-19 the physical event has been cancelled. So no pics of ED's booth this year. But good news is that the event will be completely digital this year, so everyone that has time to be online can visit. It should be free...
  2. TeDaDeS

    Rise Of The Triad - Music

    A long time ago I was working on converting the original Rise Of The Triad music, which was in Midi format, to a wav-format so I could play it on non-midi players. To get the sound right I played with a lot of ways you could get the sound just how I liked it, but in the end my hard-drive broke...
  3. TeDaDeS

    Broken computer recovery

    Hi everyone! My computer recently 'broke' as it won't boot anymore. I have/had a dual-boot system with Ubuntu (Linux) and Windows 10, located on a single disk with multiple partitions. Recently Windows 10 had a big update that needed to be installed (because windows updates never cause issues...
  4. TeDaDeS

    Rumor: Sega branded XBox for Japan

    Rumor: Sega branded XBox Series-X for Japan market. (Update below!) There are some rumors that Microsoft will be selling the new Series-X as a Sega console for the Japanese market. While it's a bit of a wild rumor the idea of Sega and Microsoft working together isn't that strange. During the...
  5. TeDaDeS

    C64 music visualized in oscilloscope view

    Probably a lot of people know the Commodore 64 (C64) and it's iconic SID music. And you might also know about it's 3-tone: sawtooth, triangle, square-wave (PWM), noise channels. Some person on Youtube is showing these audio signals in an oscilloscope view, really visualizing how the music is made:
  6. TeDaDeS

    Gamescom 2019

    Gamescom 2019 will start again tomorrow. Like each year ED will attend with some of our friends of the forums. You can read previous post of past events here: Here I'll...
  7. TeDaDeS

    Pandora Box 3D

    It appears there is a console available named Pandora Box 3D; similarly named but not affiliated with the Open-Pandora. Bigger but still 'portable' as you can use it on batteries. Hopefully this isn't associated with the Open-Pandora as they could sound similar (portable game system that can...
  8. TeDaDeS

    3DS Region lock - What should happen?

    Hi all, I recently got a US cartridge for a European New-3DS. The 3DS is region locked, but what should happen if you insert the game? Nothing or you get an error? Trying to assess if the cartridge is broken or this is normal behavior for a non-supported-region cartridge.
  9. TeDaDeS

    Shenmue 3 Epic gamestore exclusive

    It was announced Shenmue 3 will come to pc but as an Epic gamestore exclusive. As a gamer I understand the game needs funding and Sony and Deep Silver provided this. So I guess it's logical funding from Epic will also make it an exclusive on the pc side (console is ps4 exclusive). As a backer...
  10. TeDaDeS

    Google image search for finding a game

    Hi guys, A long long time ago I was a small boy visiting my nephew. He had a game console with a game I had never seen before, so I didn't know what the name was. When I grew older I still remember the game and wanted to try it out (and though maybe I just imagined the event and the game didn't...
  11. TeDaDeS

    Pyxa - new handheld (kickstarter)

    On kickstarter there is a new console with a very similar name to Pyra, the Pyxa: From the kickstarter page: "Resolution of Pyxa is 128 x 160 pixels and it is capable of displaying full 18-bit colour. Pyxa is based on ATmega328P processor, and it accomodates a micro SD card socket for...
  12. TeDaDeS

    NeoGeo Pocket Flash SD card

    Does anyone have experience with the NeoGeo Pocket Flash SD card? (It will hold 15MB of games on the flash memory, the SD card is only for getting the games on the flash drive.) Other then the RetroHQ one I don't know any other...
  13. TeDaDeS

    Gamescom 2018

    Gamescom 2018 will be held this week, starting tomorrow (21Aug). You can read about the previous Gamescom (2017) here: Evil Dragon will be there and other forum members to. Obviously the Pyra will be there and other devices like...
  14. TeDaDeS

    nVidia hype event near Gamescom 20-21aug

    In case you want to join an nvidia press event: you can, for free, on 20 or 21 august in Koln (Germany) near the Gamescom. Register here: Probably announce the Geforce 1180 and maybe the new game streaming service.
  15. TeDaDeS

    Biggest GameBoy

    Someone build the largest GameBoy on the world: Reminds me of the huge NES controller ED had on Gamescom which was relatively bigger.
  16. TeDaDeS

    Gamecube HDMI adapter

    Anyone tried these Gamecube HDMI adapters? (They only work on early models with digital video out) According to this guy they work very well: Until it killed his Gamecube in an accident, this should not happen with the (soon...
  17. TeDaDeS

    Gamescom 2017

    Hi guys, As the Gamescom in Köln (Germany) starts today I'll post some photos here when I'm back. If you are also there (well ED will be there for sure) the Pandora/Pyra will be in the retro section (I think this is hall 10 the top floor, usually red colored section). You can find the map here...
  18. TeDaDeS

    Win10 running X86 on ARM

    It appears windows 10 on ARM will (probably) support X86 emulation with the fall 2017 update:
  19. TeDaDeS

    Experience with Dreamcast SD-card readers

    I've seen sd-card readers for the Dreamcast, does anyone have experience with these? My second dreamcast sometimes stops the GD-ROM during gameplay, this might make this Dreamcast usable again. Or if anyone have a tip to get this fixed, i could try that.
  20. TeDaDeS

    Pyra Internet Deal

    ED has arranged a great mobile-internet deal for the Pyra users (see twitter), but for now it is only available in Germany. I think it is useful to know what country you are in and if you also would like to have such a deal for your country. The poll is setup with the current provider in mind...