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  1. JDTAY

    Amazon Luna - cloud gaming Bezos-style #founditonamazon
  2. JDTAY

    Get ready to spit out your coffee. Man, if this makes Elder Scrolls VI a Microsoft exclusive... RIP Sony.
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    Pyra Dumb question, but what's the latest version of C++ that Pyra supports?

    I used to know the answer to this. I mean, I guess if someone wanted to, they could make a C++20 compiler for OMAP5, but I don't think anyone has yet.
  4. JDTAY

    Was kinda thinking about getting a tablet.

    My last one was a Nexus 7 2013, which I destroyed in a fit of paranoia in 2018. Thing was dated anyway. Speaking of dated though, apparently Android 10 is out, but all the tablets I can find are on Android 9. Should I be concerned?
  5. JDTAY

    PC games recommendations 2019

    I'm feeling more optimistic about getting a new computer next month, because I found out that there's more money in my account than I thought. I think I should be able to wrangle something with dedicated graphics. This thread isn't about PC shopping though, it's about PC games shopping. What do...
  6. JDTAY

    Apple Arcade "Games that redefine games." Anyone else feel like they're trying to redefine the wheel a bit much? One of the games is literally called "Lego Arthouse". It's a games subscription service for Apple devices that boasts over a hundred exclusive titles, with...
  7. JDTAY

    E3 2019 - The show must go on.

    You know, when even Sony doesn't care about E3, it's hard to get my hype up. Even my Switch doesn't have me that hyped, since I need a new left controller for it. :( EA already had a conference, there are conferences from other companies today and tomorrow, and Nintendo will have a Direct...
  8. JDTAY

    Oculus Quest - All-in-one virtual reality

    I've been seeing reviews pop up for Oculus Quest, and it sounds pretty good. Anyone tried it yet? Oof, the website says you need an iOS or Android device to set this up. Not a barrier for most people I know, but it may irk members of this forum.
  9. JDTAY

    Playdate - that monochrome handheld with a crank

    So what happens when the publishers of Firewatch make a handheld with two action buttons, EDIT: a black and white screen, and a crank? For one, the Katamari Damacy dude makes a game for it. The main gimmick here being not the crank, but the weekly delivery of a new game...
  10. JDTAY

    Antstream: Retro game streaming

    Yep, that's right, someone came up with the Google Stadia to defeat Evercade's Xbox. Why download a 64KB game when you can stream it at more than 64KB per frame? Remember, internet is like a muscle that you must exercise regularly, lest it grows weak. Lemme give...
  11. JDTAY

    Advice on cooking and grocery shopping?

    I go grocery shopping in two hours, which is short notice to ask for advice, but I do go twice a month these days. Any idea what a guy who's looking to cook and lose weight and isn't allowed to have sharp knives should get? I live in a one bedroom apartment with a rather small kitchen, but I do...
  12. JDTAY

    Sporty Sporting Sports Thread

    Really, I just wanted somewhere to mention that Tiger Woods is only two strokes back at the Masters going into the final round. Everybody knock on wood, cross your fingers, and hold your breath. :-#
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    Evercade - buy your retro games on carts for this thing

    Because downloads are just too convenient. It's coming... Yeah, I should be a little more forthcoming. This claims to be a handheld that will play officially licensed retro games on carts made for it. They say they already have at least three publishing partners and...
  14. JDTAY

    Robot Cache signups open Remember how you thought cryptocurrency had reached its limit? You're probably right, but that won't stop these guys from launching a games distribution platform with its own cryptocurrency and resalable digital games. And if you join now, you get a founder's badge...
  15. JDTAY

    Pyra Mastodon server? Anyone wanna start a Mastodon server for DragonBox Pyra? It's like Twitter, but it lets you host your own instance that's based around your particular interest, like Pyra. If we had one, it would be like having a customized Twitter with nothing but Pyra users. Also...
  16. JDTAY

    Upcoming games you are looking forward to?

    Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age here. I will be the one to finally eliminate the slimes once and for all, such that in all future Dragon Quest titles, players will no longer have the quality of their game threatened by easy experience points. Head straight for the first dungeon...
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    Finally, some good news in my life. My city is getting its Bad Daddy's Burger Bar location opened on Monday. My dad doesn't want to go there on the first week, but if all goes well, on August 8th I will be eating a 1200 calorie burger with 1000 calorie tater tots and a 900 calorie milkshake. God...
  18. JDTAY

    LÖVE on Pyra

    Just wondering, what will the performance of LÖVE on Pyra be like, and what's the latest version that will be supported? Was thinking about using LÖVE for Pyra development so I can maybe actually get stuff done.
  19. JDTAY

    This is a longshot, but... anime thread?

    I gotta admit, even I don't watch anime terribly much. Looks like I'll be getting back into it this fall though. JoJo is my most watched series at 113 episodes...
  20. JDTAY

    Trying out C instead of C++, could use help. According to a graph in that repo, my project is 97% C and 2% C++. Can someone help me find the rogue C++ code and eliminate it? I guess keeping my knowledge of C and C++ separate is tough. Some guy in a C channel on freenode said it was probably just a false...