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  1. TrashyMG

    Nvidia aquires ARM

    I wonder how this will play out...
  2. TrashyMG

    Amiga Thread.

    Not sure why we haven't had a dedicated Amiga thread here for those in this community that still play with the Amiga in some form, either on the original hardware, FPGA or just Emulation. So feel free to share you Amiga setup, interesting news or what not. So my story, the Amiga was...
  3. TrashyMG

    Pandora open source files link broken

    I sent a PM a while ago, The link appears to be broken for accessing these files.
  4. TrashyMG

    [SOLD] ASUS Transformer Book 12-Inch T200TA-C1-BL 2-in-1 Detachable Touchscreen Laptop

    I bought this back in March thinking it would be cool x86 tablet like device to throw Linux on, however it was a lot less Linux friendly than I expected, while I did get Linux to mostly work on it booting up via a USB 3.0 Thumbdrive, it's definitely not an optimal setup and there is much that is...
  5. TrashyMG

    Demo of OMAP5 playing video.

    Some have stated some concern with video playback being an issue on the Pyra.. So I made a video demonstrating that it can more than handle 720p and 1080p .h264 encoded videos.. First video is 720p, I've fast-forward a few times to show speaking parts and such.. Amazingly I have very few 1080p...
  6. TrashyMG

    My 3D printed Pandora mount for my electronic drumset..

    I have recently purchased an electric drumset and figure I'd try the various MIDI/Audio software out on the Pandora.  So designed a mount Pandora that attaches to the drum rack that I could hold the Pandora firmly.  I figured I'd share my design, more pictures on the page...
  7. TrashyMG

    One reason to get the EvilDragon Signed PCB..

    Spare parts.. My headset microphone died, until my replacement shows up I had to improvise.. After a de-soldering the microphone from the signed PCB and soldered on an 3.5mm audio plug and some strategic twist ties. I got a working solution..  I know not too high tech work, not really cost...
  8. TrashyMG

    Valve OpenSourced their DirectX to OpenGL Layer

    Found this as interesting.. released under the MIT license.
  9. TrashyMG

    Reference Material..

    So I guess now that we have a NEON/DSP section, where are some good guides for programming Neon or the DSP, such as tutorials and general useful info that would allow people to get started. If we can gather some good links I will put them here in this first post and pin the topic.
  10. TrashyMG

    Need Comp4all Banner for OpenTyrian

    I'm working on a Port of OpenTyrian with Comp4all support, I finished hacking in a method to upload the score on completion of a level.. What I need is some artwork help for a banner. I'm no photoshop wizard.. I wasn't sure if that was something Milkshake handles on his own or was it something I...
  11. TrashyMG

    Lucas Arts Closed I'll just have to face the fact we will not see a true sequel to Tie-Fighter.
  12. TrashyMG

    Native Linux Half-Life and Counterstrike on Steam

    While it's not the Source engine versions or I don't think it is..., I was happy to see these on my game list when I logged into the Linux Steam beta today. Not surprising it runs really well on new hardware..
  13. TrashyMG

    Release OpenTyrian in the repo

    Opentyrian: Link Default Controls --------------------- Movement: Dpad, Right or Left Nub Fire: Right Trigger Change Fire: Gamepad Y Left Sidekick: Gamepad A Right Sidekick: Gamepad B Note: Touchscreen works fine in the menus for selecting options, doesn't work so well for gameplay. Note...
  14. TrashyMG

    3.2 Kernel and Mupen64's Blight's SDL input plugin.

    Not sure if it's a SDL, 3.2 Kernel or something specific with this plugin. So posting this in the support section. I've noticed an odd bug where the Y-Axis is not being registered on any external controller when using this plugin with the 3.2 kernel.. I've tried both the Adaptiod N64...
  15. TrashyMG


    I've been trying to add a path to a directory that contains the new oracle java ARM binaries. I've tried the /etc/profile file.. Which the JAVA_HOME variable seems to set okay.. so I know it sources that file. However I know it doesn't take any paths I add into the file, almost as if it's being...
  16. TrashyMG

    Release Regina Rexx

    The programming language no one was asking for now on the repo.. http://repo.openpand...Regina-REXX-3.6 Details about the ReXX language on Wikipedia Just a warning you tend to release obscure programming languages to small handheld devices under the influence of alcohol.
  17. TrashyMG

    Evolution of PC games video

    Stumbled on this in my daily video game news digging.. fun video.
  18. TrashyMG

    More Sub Categories

    Since Android has its sub-category.. is it possible for Slackware and Pandebian to have their own separate ones? They seem to have a big enough following to merit it. I know it's a sorting nightmare for the Mods.. but worth a shot.
  19. TrashyMG

    Release Seven Kingdoms Ancient Adversaries on the repo..

    Just pushed this port to the repo for people to try out.. This game is kind of like a RTS version of Civilization.. Honestly I haven't played it much, It seems to be running good at 600mhz.. Touchscreen and Nub/External Mouse supported thanks to Notaz's improved SDL. I've tested it with Hotfix...
  20. TrashyMG


    I know straying from general chat can be scary to some.. but please vote for your favorites in the Pandora Rebirth Competition. Vote Here: Just like to give this a little more focus.