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  1. gruso

    Searching for ancient DOS game: Grand Prix. No, not that one.

    So I found this cool little F1 management game to play in DOSBox. Year: 1989 Developer: Hole in the Wall Publisher: Wizard Games Shareware download: (So obscure it's not on MobyGames, but the publisher is) My problem: There are two versions...
  2. gruso


    Who will maintain our Android port?
  3. gruso

    1001, 1002

  4. gruso

    Release If you used sebt3's MIDI installer, please try this

    Following are some Timidity optimisations for better MIDI performance on the Pandora. I am interested in feedback from gamers who are using sebt3's MIDI installer for background music. You will need to edit a config file on the NAND as root. If you're willing to do this, read on. What are the...
  5. gruso

    Release Spellbound Games - Pandora testing

    Just putting this here for more exposure. There is a new talk underway about bringing Craig's games (Wizzley Presto etc) to the Pandora. If you're keen on seeing these, then add your voice. :) General 'Spellbound Games on Pandora' talk: http://boards.openpa...on-the-pandora/ Torpor has also...
  6. gruso

    Any mobile/cell phone network gurus in the house?

    Last week I picked up a HP Pre 3. It's an AT&T model from Canada, and I'm using it in Australia on Telstra. I love the phone, but soon after setting it up it started rebooting itself. I went to the webOS Nation forums and found an active thread, where a few people were having the issue. A bit of...
  7. gruso

    Firmware suggestions and contributions

    This thread is intended to be a discussion point for suggestions and contributions to the Pandora OS. I want it to be a conversation with the guys who ultimately bear the workload, and I hope that ED, Notaz, Skeezix, DJWillis etc can add any information that would help us help them. It’s not...
  8. gruso

    Release [Rebirth Comp] qrizMaze

    Starting thread on behalf of Weber (qriz) Christian. For anyone who doesn't know, this requires WizStan's Java PND to be run first (to install Java to NAND). Then you need to unzip qrizmaze to SD, open a terminal there and: java -jar maze.jar (If you have Java installed on your desktop...
  9. gruso

    Release [Rebirth Comp] PandaFE

    Starting this thread on behalf of nuhrin So, has anyone got this working? It starts for me, then crashes out after a few seconds. This is all I get on screen: Output:
  10. gruso

    Release [Rebirth Comp] Ballion

    There doesn't seem to be a thread for this, and I'd already written my thoughts on the entry, so I'm starting one on behalf of Juergen Urban. I'm a sucker for Arkanoid, so I was very happy to launch this and realise what type of game it was. (No, I didn't even read the description first). I'm...
  11. gruso

    Pandora SDK, Developer Tools, Documentation [updated]

    Cross-compiling: Yactfeau by sebt3 (Linux) Crosscompiler Toolchain Based On Ipks by Ivanovic (Linux) Native compiling: C/C++ Development Tools by Freamon Additional resources: The Pandora Wiki PXML specification | PND Cookbook Control mapping 1 | Control mapping 2...
  12. gruso

    Detecting whether the OS is running from NAND or SD

    I'm after some help getting my SnapSnap screenshot PND working on systems running from a boot SD. Currently I'm using a script provided by Caine to determine the SD path for creation of a screenshots folder: dir=$(mount | awk '/^\/dev\/mmcblk0p/ {print $3}') This is not working on boot SDs...
  13. gruso

    Pandora Writing to home dir (NAND) from PND

    From the wiki: This is good. But what if you need to write there? Is there an override you can add to the PXML, or a particular path you need to use?
  14. gruso

    Release SnapSnap: Take easy screenshots (repo release)

    SnapSnap is a screenshot utility, making use of the built in 'fbgrab' command. The installer copies a script to NAND, and sets up a hotkey to trigger screenshots (default is F10). An auto-timer utility is also included. Screenshots are saved to SD card. Changes in - Added support...
  15. gruso

    Pandora FAQ / Information / Essential Topics [ Find previously pinned topics here ]

    News Official Pandora News - Subforum for official news on production and all things Pandora related Support   The User Manual - First stop for first questions! The pandora wiki - Information about just about everything. Support forum - Get help with any Pandora issues Light reading &...
  16. gruso

    Emulated racing games

    This is an offshoot of porg's native racing games thread. If you know of any open source racers, post them there. :) In the meantime, let's talk racers that we can play right now. I have the following: PCSXreARMED - Need for Speed (forget which one) - Gran Turismo 2 Mupen64+ - Road...
  17. gruso

    We still lack a 'complete' MSX emulator. Send help.

    We have a pretty good MSX emulator in zx-81's PandoraMSX: http://zx81.zx81.fre...egories/130-MSX Problem is, it doesn't have full keyboard mapping options. (I guess because the port was originally for GPH consoles). This means there are no Function keys, and that means you can't play Metal...
  18. gruso

    PickleLauncher: issues, requests

    Sorry if this stuff has been covered before. I've been working on some PL skins this week (and learning lots about it fast - it is a lot more flexible and capable than I thought. Nice one Pickle.) Just some feedback... Adjusting fonts. It would be nice if the header & footer text...
  19. gruso

    Mupen64 PickleLauncher skin

    Decided to play around with a Mupen64 PickleLauncher skin today. It's not quite done, but this is probably about as far as I can take it. Mockup: As you can probably tell, it's based on the Snes9x4P skin (translation: I just ripped those images and edited them). Some areas could be...
  20. gruso

    Free Heroes 2 (Might & Magic 2) needs love

    Two purposes for this thread. To remind people that this exists (it was ported by Pickle very early on - belated thanks Pickle <3) To see if we can't rustle up a wee update :3 For the uninitiated, Free Heroes 2 is an open source implementation of the classic Heroes of Might and Magic II...