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  1. alxm

    Odroid-Go Advance

    Stumbled on this earlier, it's a followup to the ESP32-based Odroid-Go. Looks like a modern GP2X with Ubuntu 18.04 :gp2x:
  2. alxm

    Making a new GP2X game

    Hey there, I thought I'd post this to keep myself motivated and see if there's still any interest in the old GameParks :) Some of you may have seen old (really old) screenshots of this, it has been a testbed for my game dev work for a long time now. I recently did some work to improve...
  3. alxm

    Software Quake 2 game controls not working (IOquake2 NanoGL)

    Hi, I'm using the latest firmware SZ 1.76 and the IOquake2 NanoGL PND. I set everything up, I can start a new game and it seems to be running nice and smooth despite the long Loading screen :) However, the game controls (including dpad) don't work, only the keyboard does. Mouse inputs seem to...
  4. alxm

    Hardware Wiz replacement battery

    Hey there, Haven't used the Wiz much in the past couple of years, and now the battery lasts less than an hour. It's ok for now, but I'll have to find a replacement once it dies off completely. I don't have much experience in this area, does anyone have any tips or recommendations? The Wiz...
  5. alxm

    GamePark Handhelds 2017 Poll

    Not only do I still use my GP2X, but I'm working on some new games for it! I'm curious how large the community still is around these cool cats. I also wonder if there is any interest in a GamePark coding compo this year, or did your toolchains rot? :D
  6. alxm

    Release Trap75

    Trap75 is a game like Jezzball, where you need to cover 75% of each level's space without getting your lines hit by the moving balls. Features boss levels and a hiscore table. Download from repo    INSTALL Put Trap75.pnd in /sd/pandora/menu/ and run Trap75 from the launcher. Tested on...