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  1. jottt

    [Solved] TV-OUT garbled? Settings? Ideas?

    Cheers Pandorians! Currently I am testing to integrate my Pandora in my car and I got pretty far, but now I have issues displaying the picture. This is a Pandora 1GHz with a self-built-cable. Cable and Pandora work fine when attached to my TV, so I am pretty sure, it's a setup thing. The...
  2. jottt

    Release The Clue! / Der Clou! vamped up + now in the repo

    ---GERMAN--- ---INTERNATIONAL--- ------ Changelog: ------- v1.1 - Hardware scaling + Fullscreen mode added. Attention, needs at least Zaxxon HF7! v1.0 - Initial release ___ Cheerio! JHW recompiled...
  3. jottt

    Pandora at CeBIT 2012 (if sb wants to take a look, nothing official)

    Hi there folks, I'll be at the CeBIT 2012 in Hannover on Friday the 9th and I'll have my Pandora with me. So if anyone without any Pandora experience likes to take a look at it...give me a shout.
  4. jottt

    Searching FM Radio app for Pandora

    Anyone any hint? Is there something already available? I only found 3 Desktop products for that task: Mplayer, kradio and gnomeradio. has anyone tried to port them already? The PND of SMplayer2 has some settings for radio channels, but I have no Idea how to set up anything. It lacks...
  5. jottt

    HARDWARE (?) Flackern bei niedrigster Helligkeitsstufe

    Aloha, Ich weiß nicht recht, ob es ein Hard oder Softwareproblem ist... Regle ich die Helligkeit herunter funktioniert das, bis zur letzten Stufe. Dann beginnt das Bild zu flackern. Danach habe ich nur noch 3 Stufen: Aus, Flackern, volle Helligkeit. Nach einem Neustart ist wieder alles...
  6. jottt

    DA ISSE !

    :-D (Anm. Dieses Text wurde vorgeschrieben, damit ich mit Ankunft des freundlichen UPS-Menschen drüben im Lager auf Senden klicken kann um danach meine Kündigung einzureichen und in den seit 2,5 Jahren wohlverdienten Pandora-Urlaub zu gehen. Ein Review erfolgt an dieser Stelle in 2 Monaten...
  7. jottt

    Woher bekomme ich "Multi"-Port Stecker Tyco (TE) 1717169-2 ?

    Bestimmt schon aufgekommen, ich weiß nur nicht wo: Der Anschluss für Video/Audio/etc eine Standard-Buchse? Wenn ja...was für eine? Ich möchte da gern was basteln...
  8. jottt

    Pnd - How Do I Make Some Files Editable (To Appdata)?

    Cheers! What I want: A PND that supplies the full programme. But some of these files will be edited (not just newly created) from the program. Those files should go to appdata. Is that possible to accomplish or is the only way to copy the data over by script before starting?
  9. jottt

    Is plugging of the headphone jack detected by system?

    headline sais it all, basically :) Does the PandoraOS "know" when I plug in/out a headphone jack?
  10. jottt

    USB-OTG as Hostdevice

    Hello, I started playing aroung with the OTG-Port to use it as a USB 1.1 Host Device. Now I have loads of new questions that I hope someone here is able to answer: - It seems to me that, once the port was connected as client, I have to reboot first before it tries acting as a host. It does...
  11. jottt

    New Pandora, couple of questions :)

    Hello Community, I am mostly lurking, especially in the past 2 years ;) because of lack of time...mostly. Sooo, some questions I have might have already been answered. Still it would be nice if you point me in the right direction. First things first: I love the little Panda. Don't think I...