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  1. hch

    Do Any Of You Have Regrets?

    ah, so maybe here is the place to write my first impressions mini review.... i received my pandora yesterday and did not have too much time to spend with it. still, I have some quite strong first impressions. Design: i half expected the pandora to be a brick. surprisingly, it is not - or does...
  2. hch

    Question To Opt: Was It Worth It?

    well, if it helps you, you at least got one happy customer :) the pandora is by no means a perfect machine, but it really feels unique. and it was worth the long wait. i hope you have the courage to continue!
  3. hch

    Got My Pandora. First Impressions.

    never mind
  4. hch

    Got My Email!

    hah got my email today. so ED is finally shipping, too. woot!
  5. hch


    can you overtroll without overflaming? i heard overtrolling alone raises no sanity concerns, your threads will just silently reset. overflaming however might be more hazardous.
  6. hch

    Ran Out Of Boards?

    well, they finished 700. 300 cases left, waiting for boards 701-1400.
  7. hch


    yeah, things were different when you had to know every byte of the zero page by heart. and when a well-placed poke threw you from text into graphics mode.... but when fully in nostalgia mode, i always get reminded how hard i tried those days to speed up my code just that tiny little bit to make...
  8. hch

    Pandora Owners: Any Other Hardware Issues?

    This is not a design flaw. And don't call me Surely. sorry, could not resist :)
  9. hch

    Is it Pocketable Then?

    what's pocketable?
  10. hch

    Nub Issue.

    oops, sorry. i thought you were referring to the top part of the case, not the lid.
  11. hch

    Nub Issue.

    this is not nice. definitely not nice. you know, i thought this was a bit of a community driven and quite hackable device and then you glue the PCB to the case? you should have at least told us. really.
  12. hch


    ah, screw that. better send it to the next waiting customer than to waste it there.
  13. hch

    When Will Eds And Fatihs Pandoras Start Shipping?

    Sorry for the new topic, but i'd really like to know.
  14. hch

    Du hast eine kleine Frage? Hier rein!

    ich haette da ne kleine frage: wann geht's denn hier endlich los? oder wird die erste ladung Pandoras nur an die englischen kunden geschickt?
  15. hch

    @craig (Can You Check Your Pm's And Let Me Know)

    good timing though :)
  16. hch

    "40-140Th In Line" Yet I've Heard Nothing

    it sounds like they have to iron out a few minor glitches. good thing if you ask me. and i seriously hope ED (and fatih?) are putting some aside for their shops pretty soon. (got my confirmation at 2:56 GMT on Sept. 30 2008 and still no word from ED's shop)
  17. hch

    I The Red Baron

    ah, and you just proved it....
  18. hch

    Assembly Team: Work Slower, Please :)

    coding is different. manual dexterity just slips after a certain point of tension. so yes guys, take it a little easier. not just for the quality of work but for your health and sanity.
  19. hch

    I The Red Baron

    what the heck is this PoisonedV bashing nonsense? he was direct, often beyond good taste. but he always had a point to make - usually a valid one. i for once miss him round here. favorite quote: MMORPGS on the pandora: now you can waste your life on the go!