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  1. spaceharrier

    TV-Out Cables Update Please!

    Hi Pandora-addicts! :D I pre-ordered a TV Out cable via evildragon's website moons ago; and I'm sure there are others that have too... Does anyone have an update in relation to when we all can expect to receive them/manufacture date...? Any update would be appreciated!
  2. spaceharrier

    Using Old SD card (with Emulators & ROMS) in new 1GHz Pandora

    Hi Guys, I traded in my old unit for the spankin' 1 GHz model. Just a question to all if you too encountered that the old SD card stuff doesn't simply update on the new model? Appreciate some advice on how to get my new unit reading the SD card - thought it would be as easy as putting my...
  3. spaceharrier

    Official TV cables

    ...are they ever going to happen.....? I placed an order for mine years ago (when I ordered my Pandora) - if everyone did what I did... then that a lot of $1,000's... EvilDragon: I know the priority is to get the new Pandora's out - can you promise us that the TV cables will be made soon...
  4. spaceharrier

    Upgrade your Pandora to the new PCB

    Posted 30 January 2012 - 06:24 AM by EvilDragon Upgrade your Pandora to the new PCB As mentioned before, I want to offer the possibility for any owner of a classic Pandora to upgrade to the current PCB, which offers 512MB RAM. For 150 EUR you can send in your Pandora and get the PCB...
  5. spaceharrier

    MEGA CD BIOS query

    Hi guys, I have the following bios; I'm unsure where I need to put them to play a Mega CD game... can anyone please hlp out? Ive followed this link with no sucess. Cheers, Space Harrier
  6. spaceharrier

    MAME4ALL Beta tips

    Hi guys, I've got MAME4ALL Beta working with roms but whilst play a game - how do I go back to my rom list (whilst playing a game)? I've been able to work out "pP key to pause the game I'm playing - just unsure how to go back to my game list. Thanks in advance for the help! Cheers, Space...
  7. spaceharrier

    mupen64plus Nintendo 64 - NO SOUND

    Hu guys, just downloaded this: And when I load a rom I have no sound, any pointers as to what I need to do? Thanks in advance for your help, Space Harrier
  8. spaceharrier

    Pandora TV Out Cable - When avaliable?

    Hi Guys, It appears that the Pandora TV Out Cable is still out of stock at the gp2x Shop. Does anyone know when stock will be replenished? Cheers, Space Harrier
  9. spaceharrier

    PicoDrive for Dummies help!

    Hi guys, Thanking you all in adavnce for prompt responses to all support questions; it's greatly appreciated and helps me set up my beloved Pandora! I've got a few questions about PicoDrive. :unsure: I'm unsure the folders I need to create on my SD card and where to put the ROMS for...
  10. spaceharrier

    First time user - very basic (if at all) need help!

    Hi guys! :rolleyes: Was wondering if I could get some help - I'm a first time user and I've got little or basic understanding of how to use my Pandora! I've been able to set up my machine (first time set up) and now I'm stuck! SDHC 1. I bought a Transcend 32 SDHC but my lap top...