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  1. hch

    When Will Eds And Fatihs Pandoras Start Shipping?

    Sorry for the new topic, but i'd really like to know.
  2. hch

    Pandora On Nbn for those who don't know: netbooknews is the #1 mobile computing blog in germany.
  3. hch

    I Love Non Working Wifi - Who Else?

    we sure need a new poll here, don't we? also, i'd like to shift perspective a bit. the devs should cheer up a little - this is supposed to be a hackers device and i for once would love to get it with non-working wifi just for the opportunity of tinkering around. i'd be happy with the situation...
  4. hch

    How (And When) Would You Prefer You Pandora?

    Simple question. as Craig has told us the case needs to undergo one more revision. in its current form it's not good for easy assembly (mass production). i personally wouldn't mind any of these issues nor assembling the thing myself (even voiding waranty). just wanted to know how the majority...
  5. hch

    No Road To Hd?

    i thought that a couple of days ago there was a poll by mweston about possible HD out options. for the heck of it i can't find it anymore - has it gone or did i dream this up? sorry for opening a topic on this.
  6. hch

    Pandora Hardware Capable Of Opengl (not Es)?

    sorry for opening a new topic but this kind of irks me. googling for the powervr i came across this forum thread today: it mainly discusses the intel side of things (linux drivers for the powervr sgx), but there was one statement (top of page...
  7. hch

    White Prototype!

    wow, the prototype case is white. i love that color! see blog update
  8. hch

    Final Case Design?

    well, topic title gives it away. i'm just too curious how the final case design/prototyping is comming along.
  9. hch

    Pandoras Weight

    Since the prototyping seems to be almost finished, do the devs know already what its weight is going to be finally? and by the way, did the latest design changes modify the actual size? thanks in advance
  10. hch

    Mail From Ed (with Estimated Shipping Dates)

    i just found this in my inbox, might be of interest for everybody who ordered through the german site: Hi, we thank you for your order of the Pandora Console and confirm it with this eMail. As you received this mail, it also means we already received your payment (if this is not true...
  11. hch

    Hardware Question - Vfp, Neon Present?

    sorry if this is a dumb or repeated question, but i could not really find a definite answer if the cortex A8 contains an fpu and/or the NEON instruction set. so, does it or not? and if yes, is gcc supporting the SIMD instructions? thanks
  12. hch

    Too Much Trafic

    oh my, i hope they prepared for the onslaught. the german server is down already.
  13. hch

    Possible Oled Mod?

    hi, sorry if this is a stupid question, but does anyone know if in the future it might be possible to mod the screen and use an oled display? that seems like almost the only thing not fully optimal with the current design, but i have no clue as to availability, compatibility etc. if someone...
  14. hch

    Will Pandora Be Able To Run Debian?

    hi and sorry if this is a redundant question. i am currently looking for a replacement of my ageing sharp zaurus and came across the pandora. hardwarewise it seems like this would be the perfect machine, but i wonder whether i will be able to run a lot of the software i need on it. on the...