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  1. kingoddball

    Pyra RAM options

    Good day, my friends. It has been a long time since I was last here. I generally check up on the news posts and move on. I received a little questionnaire the other day so that is great news. I have a question on RAM options. I remember the 2 and 4GB options. What is happening with this? Is...
  2. kingoddball

    What have I missed?

    Good morning everyone! I am wondering what has changed recently? I have not seen an email/news update from ED arrive for quiet awhile and I forgot about this :( Not sure when the last email/update came out, in my head it was like last year hahahah, Im sure it was more recently than that... Has...
  3. kingoddball

    WTB cheap GP2X

    Hey! Wondering if anyone has a cheap old GP2X for sale? I'm in Australia so if possible AUS would be good but I am happy to buy from anywhere. I don't need anything except the console and maybe a charger. Thanks!!
  4. kingoddball

    PYRA UK and US 4G/LTE specifications?

    I know I've seen it somewhere but cannot find on preorder page. I'm thinking of changing my Pyra preorder to the 4G/LTE version but I'm in Australia and need to know what bands each has so I can find the best one. Thanks if you can help, and also if you're in Aus; which 4G model did you get...
  5. kingoddball

    What have I missed over the last 12 months? (Pandora)

    Hello!! Been a while since I've used my Pandora... Just been waiting for the Pyra and not using the Pandora. I keep it charged, power it up and very shortly later power it off. So, what have I missed over the past 12 months with Pandora news? Any cool new programs or emu updates? I don't...
  6. kingoddball

    Pyra NAND?

    Hey, Is there any info on the Pyra NAND or how it will work/specs/whatever it will be? I do remember bits and pieces but nothing solid and no info on tech specs. Is it an internal SD? If yes; whats the speed difference with that and an eMMC? Pardon my ignorance ;) Thanks!
  7. kingoddball

    WTB: Old Pandora - Working preferred

    Hey! I'm after an old black Pandora (class/600mhz). I'd like it to work, happy if screen is going purple. What I want it for; I'm 3D Priting the Pandora case (started a year ago and forgot. heheh) and I'd like to implant a black Pandora into a custom 3D printed case. Not exactly custom just...
  8. kingoddball

    Pyra case printable file/STL one day?

    Hi ED, Quick question, I do recall saying you will release the Pyra source; but will you also release the case as an STL like you did with the Pandora? Side note; if you release the source or everything, are you worried someone may try and steal the design and mass produce? I'm a little...
  9. kingoddball

    Idiots Guide? To cross compiling from X86 to Pandora

    Hey! Been a long time, left Pandora unused for awhile. Used it a lot for movies on my desk at work and my old school games (mega drive/PSX). But lately it's been in a draw without the love and affection it deserves! Is anyone able to help me out with a guide (baby steps even) of how to...
  10. kingoddball

    Wanted: pandora PCB/motherboard - broken

    Hey! I'm after a broken (not physically snapped etc) pandora PCB. I'm after the parts side (SD slot/USB) side to be in ok condition. Do not want or need it working. Dead as a door nail ;) I'm in Australia so please reply here or PM with cost (plus shipping if you can). Thanks!!
  11. kingoddball

    Wanted: N64 Everdrive

    Hey! Been awhile since I was last posting (just waiting for pyra!). But I have the retro itch ;) Wondering if anyone has an Everdrive N64 for sale? I'm not sure if PAL or NTSC is an issue but I have a PAL console :)
  12. kingoddball

    Neo900 - Dying fast - GDC dropped support

    Just a quick one - Golden Delicious (GDC) has all but dropped support for the Neo900 project. This same team (person) is working with the Pyra - Hopefully not handling any money aspects. Sad news! :( So lets hope nik will continue...
  13. kingoddball

    Change Pandora Shell

    Hey! Just a quick question - Does anyone have a guide on how to swap the Pandora's silver shell to a black one? I have a spare black shell (complete), and I'm not a fan of the silver case of the Giga. Is it possible to do a complete swap (LCD and all) - With relative ease anyway ;) Thanks!
  14. kingoddball

    CrazyFlie working on Pandora (yet)?

    Hello!   Just asking a quick question about CrazyFlie. I remember seeing a thread awhile back about someone asking if it's possible but I was unsure if this was ever worked on. Is this possible to use CrazyRadio? I'm getting one for my birthday from my wife and I'd like to use the Pandora as...
  15. kingoddball

    Pronterface/Printrun - Build request

    Hello! I have requested software before, too hard to build. This should work and it runs on Android fairly well... Printerface/Printrun. This so I can control one of my 3D Printer using the Pandora. I don't want to use...
  16. kingoddball

    (How will we get a) Pyra Preorder notification (and news in general)

    Hi! A very simple thread, which I'm sure is answered already? Pyra: When we can preorder, how will we know if we do not read the boards often? Essentially: Can a newsletter be created, which will supply news, updates (SOC and whatever else) and also be sent out when the preorders are...
  17. kingoddball

    P2 - HWKB: Hard plastic keys with KB backlight - RGB LED's!

    Seeing how P2 talk is happening.... (VERY sad that the Pandora could be on its last production run!!) I'm sure everyone had read all of the old P2 spam threads, I lost track early on. Hardware keyboard - This is a must for everyone here? Yes? Yes! Can you look into a better keyboard...
  18. kingoddball

    Just upgrade current board to dual>quad

    I'm sure this has been mentioned 1000 times, is there any reason why we can't just keep the current Pandora and upgrade the internals? LCD + Board, just board. Whatever. I'm happy with the OP as it. Faster wouId be great. CubieBoard v2 is exactly the same as the gen1 just a new cpu dropped it...
  19. kingoddball

    Boot another OS - help required: old kernel

    Hi, I'm working on a different OS project... Need help with the very first part!! How do I boot it? I can boot other os's on pandora, normally it has a kernel which matches the boot.txt. My kernel image is: zImage- (other kernels too, but all are similar name and type). I'm...
  20. kingoddball

    Wanted: OpenMoko (Neo Freerunner)

    Hello! Unsure where to place this - General and offtopic seemed good.. Anyone have an OpenMoko they are wanting to sell? If yes, post or PM with a price and I'll see what I can do! :)