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  1. willrandship

    Private testing for Rebirth competition: Hedgewars

    I need beta testers, because I got hedgewars hacked together in what I think should work, but I can't be sure since I don't have a pandora and I gave up on emulation. Respond in this forum and I'll PM/Email you the PND. Also, try to take at least one screenshot, for my sake :P Issues I...
  2. willrandship

    Dreamcast Video!

    I didn't see this anywhere else, so I figured I'd post it here: An engadget article talking about pandora production, and sporting a DC emulation vid! It has a video!!! It's not even on, either. Edit: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: oops, sorry guys. It's old news, Oct...
  3. willrandship

    Voice Recognition

    I was wondering if this was possible. So far it seems we don't have much use for the mic, and it would be really cool to have, say, a word processor we just talk to, something along the lines of dragon. Here's an open source speech interpretation program called Open Mind Speech. News hasn't...
  4. willrandship

    Dpads, Whats The Difference (No Flame Please)

    Since I've only had experience with connected dpads and my ti-86, I would like to know what the difference is between them and separated d-pads. Personally, separated dpads that act like buttons sound more comfortable to me, but I've never actually tried them enough to have a usable opinion. Can...
  5. willrandship

    Can We Emulate The Pandora Os Through Qemu?

    This would require two things. A: Source code for the Pandora OS (It's probably somewhere, but I sure wouldn't know where to begin looking) B: That QEmu supports OMAP emulation well. It would be nice to have an emulator to actually see some progress, as well as what the problems are!
  6. willrandship

    Will This Work For Booting The Pandora?

    I found this script for making beagleboard and omap3 bootable SD cards. Will it work wih the pandora, and will it be necessary?
  7. willrandship

    When Will Second Batch Happen?

    The fact is, I can't afford a Pandora right now. I want a second batch one, and I wanted to know when it will happen. six months? a year? I hope not longer!
  8. willrandship

    Why Do Gurus Have Their Posts Stretched Out?

    Whenever I'm on the computers at school any time I read a post by a GP32 guru (You know, with the red X) their post gets ridiculously stretched out. I have two possible explanations. 1. The school's PCs use internet explorer. 2. The Firewall is screwing up the html. Any ideas? Does this happen...
  9. willrandship

    Celstart Port Possible?

    I was just wondering if porting CELStart would be possible. It uses the crystal space 3d engine, is all open source and recommends at least a i586 processor. It's compiled with C++. It also uses openGL 2.0! For those who don't know, CELStart is an easy way to make 3D games using python or XML...
  10. willrandship

    Make Millions Of Them!

    My prediction is that this device will attract tons of the gp2x crowd after it is released and lots more software is made. If this is the case, I think you should mass produce as many as people will buy! The wiz may be much less expensive but this is much better in value. People will realize...
  11. willrandship

    For All The People Who Still Say It Doesn't Have Enough Ram....

    Just some interesting cross comparisons... Pandora: Dev board 128MB, Official Release 256MB Gamecube: 16MB DRAM, 24MB 1T SRAM PS2: 32MB of Ram Xbox: 64MB upgradable to 128MB (unofficially) Even with the highest, the pandora's less powerful version still beats the official xbox version! Plus...
  12. willrandship

    Powder Port

    This is probably really really easy, considering it's even compiled for ARM, but I would love to see iton the wiz natively. It's a roguelike originally made for GBA, then ported to DS with awesome touchscreen integration. Perfect for wiz!
  13. willrandship

    Will It Be Able To Run Sdxc When It Comes Out?

    When the SDXC standard comes out, it will support up to 2 TB, according to the SD association's website. My question is, will it be a simple patch to get it running, like on the wii, or will it require some fancy work-arounds? I would be satisfied if it would work through a usb adapter!
  14. willrandship

    Wiimote? An Intriguing Idea (For Me At Least)

    Why not add in wiimote support if it's not already integrated? It could be used as a regular joystick, for various games. One could even have a usb powered ir led set that clips onto the hinge when open, so pointing would be enabled! Of course, if this was implemented you wouldn't want to...
  15. willrandship

    Am I Misguided, Or Is It Just Lack Of Updaters?

    So, I was looking at the wiki, and I saw the games page was empty. I thought this rather strange, as in the In-development page has many that say "Completed Build" or something like. Do these belong on the games page as well, or do they still need to be packaged or something? I ask because I...