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  1. MrBazil2k

    manual xfce login requests password (on loop)

    Ello there folks, hopefully someone can help me out with this small problem here : I have got/bought myself a displaylink adapter (UGA-165) for using a DVI-D attached screen with the pandora. Everything worked out good so far. According to the steps from :
  2. MrBazil2k

    Yet another concept for the new Pyra

    Just btw : I have summarized some of the requests and ideas of several ppl of this forum and have also added some ideas of mine This is just a concept at all I ve created within the past few days Dont take it too serious pls its just a concept ... : - I have used a 5 inch 16:9 screen here -...
  3. MrBazil2k

    A question about printers and the pandora :

    Evening all ! Im curious if someone ever managed to implement his printer within the superzaxxon enviroment to print files directly from the pandora yet. (in example : to print text files from libre office) Did anyone gather any experience with that yet ? Thx for info ... Mr. Baz
  4. MrBazil2k

    Accessing a USB-Device attached to the WiFi-Router with a Pandora possible ?

    Ello there, this may be a dumb question buuuuut : How am I able to access a USB-Stick I have attached to the USB-Port of my Router ? (By using the Pandora and its WiFi of course) Is that USB-Device accessible through the file manager thunar somehow ? Within Win-7 I m able to add that Device...
  5. MrBazil2k

    Which sort of "filesystem" for SD-Cards do you recommend ?

    Ello there, This might be a noobish question, BUT : I m just curious which sort of filesystem is best to use with SupperZaxxon 1.52 ? Do I have any choice ? (ext2 ? ext3 ? ntfs ? fat32 ?) Right at the moment I am using Fat32 for both of my 64 Gb SD-Cards. I did not have any problems with...
  6. MrBazil2k

    A bunch of new Qemu-Videos collected :

    Ello there folks, Qemu is somehow taking my breath away =D I have recorded a hand full of videos and put them togehter into one 20 min. movie. Some of those games run pretty well so far. Just check it out : Comache 1.0 Comanche 2.0 vs Werewolf C&C - Tiberiumconflict (SVGA) C&C - Red...