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  1. joseluisjazz

    Beta Nethack

    Since many people was interested in Nethack, I've ported it. The standard tty version for now, more will come. Try it and see if it works well. The game, the terminal window, etc. Say if you have any idea for a default .nethackrc file with friendly defaults (color, DECgrphics, autopickup?)...
  2. joseluisjazz

    Beta Daimonin Mmorpg

    Hi, I compiled the Free 2D MMORPG game Daimonin. It works perfectly except that the resolution is hardcoded 800x600 and so it must run windowed, and you must move the window manually when you want to see the covered part. This is why I made the thread here in the beta subforum and didn't post...
  3. joseluisjazz

    Battery sometimes doesn't charge

    I need to make more test but I think I found a buggy behavior between wifi and battery charging. This happened to me several times, not everytime, and only once since I installed HF4. I don't know what exactly triggers it, but I suspect it's something about wifi driver and this is what I know...
  4. joseluisjazz

    Beta Vim Gvim 7.2

    I've compiled Vim 7.2 up to the latest patch (446) and with gtk2 GUI support. The one in Angstrom repository has no GUI and is patched only up to patch 411. I've not made a PND because I think it makes more sense to build packages equivalents to the ones in Anstrom. And since I still don't know...
  5. joseluisjazz

    Release Powder 114

    Hi! I've compiled Powder, an addictive Roguelike designed for the Gameboy Advance and Nintendo DS. And thanks to a hack we can play it fullscreen at the fullest way possible (640x480). Those are the instructions: Resize the window to exactly 480px high x 640-800px wide dragging the window's...
  6. joseluisjazz

    Release Pingus 0.7.3

    I've just ported the last version of Pingus, the Free Lemmmings-like game. When it starts a dialog asks you whether you prefer to run it on fast graphics mode (no backgrounds, no transition effects, etc) or in a slower mod with pretier visuals. Overclock to 700 for a smooth game with the fast...
  7. joseluisjazz

    Beta (De)Compressors

    I compiled unrar (nonfree) and p7zip for the Pandora and I thought it would be a good idea to create a thread to test them and the rest of the (de)compressors as they keep rolling out. So here they are. UPDATED 2010-08-08: Added UPX & unace. upx (The Ultimate Packer for eXecutables) Note 1...
  8. joseluisjazz

    Beta Triplane Classic

    A few days ago I successfully compiled Triplane Classic on the Pandora, which is a port from a game I enjoyed playing in the 90's. I made a PND of it and uploaded to the Pandora Apps (Here you have the game's manual). And I thought it would be a good idea to put a page here to recieve some...
  9. joseluisjazz

    New Blog Post From Ed: "back From Hell"

    The photo was hidden on the most logical place. :lol: Michael Weston looks a lot more younger than I expected.
  10. joseluisjazz

    Opera Browser?

    I'd like to see a version of Opera running on Pandora. I can guess I'm not the only one that thinks it would be faster and would allow more open tabs than firefox. The only drawback is it being closed-source. Although they're usually friendly towards linux & handhelds, have many versions and...
  11. joseluisjazz

    Games For 3+ Players That You Know

    One of the things I want to do with the Pandora is moving into a friends house, plug it to the TV, connect some random controllers (wii, ps3, xbox...), and use it as a console. That's what I've been learning how to configure on my linux desktop computer these days. But, what happens when we are...
  12. joseluisjazz

    Python Version And Tools To Include

    Hi, I want to bring up the conversation about which Python(s) version(s) are going to be in the official Pandora distribution. Since Python 3.0 just has been released, but the majority of python existing programs are 2.x compatible, my opinion is that we should ship both branches. A version...
  13. joseluisjazz

    Bluetooh Webcam For Pandora!

    As good as it sounds. If you have a series 60 phone with camera, you can use it as a webcam for your Pandora connected by bluetooth. Take a look at this list of S60 devices to check if your phone is one of them. I just tested it on my linux desktop system with a USB-Bluetooth adaptor and a nokia...
  14. joseluisjazz

    Composite/S-Video to VGA Media Convertor Box (PAL/NTSC)

    I've found this box for $39.76, and i think this could allow you to connect your pandora to a VGA TFT monitor. Am I right? It consumes 5V 2A, i think, just like the PSP charger, and in theory of the Pandora too.