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  1. gotwake424

    Power switch/Hold state- idea/question

    I use my pandora to listen to music for about 4 hours a day and I got to thinking. The biggest hassle is that I like to pick a song/playlist/album then turn the hold switch on to make sure I don't change the song with the shoulder buttons. The hold switch is really nice because it allows me to...
  2. gotwake424

    CC vs 1ghz Model - Been out of the loop

    Hey guys long time no post ;p So I currently have a CC model pandora and love using it. However the case is showing lots of wear and the left nub is starting to have problems so I have a couple of question before I order the new 1ghz model How is video playback on the 1ghz model? Much better...
  3. gotwake424

    Quake 1,2,3 ReBirth?

    One of the main things that enticed me to buy a pandora was native quake 1,2,3; He sums it pretty well; the current state of the quake games is pretty sad except for Quake 1 So here is the deal, A lot of users here want to be able to comfortably play quake 1,2,3 with out crashes and major...
  4. gotwake424

    Freespace Open?

    Looked around and didn't really see anything about it. Thanks in advance
  5. gotwake424

    Bigger Cases?

    Hey guys I couldnt find the thread I want to reference but It was in the we now have "7 day" pandoras without wifi craig said that they also had somenew cases that were a little bigger than the previous ones. Do these fix the close tolerance issues? thanks
  6. gotwake424

    GPSP savestate load error

    Does anyone else get loading errors when trying to load a savestate in a GBA game where it will freeze the pandora completely?
  7. gotwake424

    Mouse support

    is there any reason why this mouse won't work off of the pandora usb port? I am pretty sure it is usb 2.0 but when I plug it in it doesn't give me mouse control. Here is the mouse...
  8. gotwake424

    New Pandora Case

    Hey guys, So in the next couple of week I will start learning about carbon fibering/fiberglassing throught my degree. So I want to make a pandora case like the actual body out of carbon fiber. And I deas on what camera I should try to add into it? front/back Thanks
  9. gotwake424

    I Come With Gifts!

    1. go to anufacturer=&q_model= 2. add to cart 3. on the cart page go to promos and add "newnetadapter" (remove quotes)(remote1 also works for free uverse remotes) 4. profit This is confirmed...
  10. gotwake424

    Wireless driver w/packet injection support- Bounty The above is a link to the creator of N900 wifi driver kernel, He is willing to help us with his source code. The author of the patches has no problem with us working with his patches but he did say in his response.... "but you should know that there may...
  11. gotwake424

    Backlit Keyboard?

    I was reading through the "pandora Hacker guide" and it seems that OPT did indeed leave pads for leds that can be used for backlighting. taken from the manual.... "9) SPARE KEYPAD BACKLIGHT - This isn’t specifically for...
  12. gotwake424

    Quake 2 Were To Put Files?

    So I just got my pandora the other day! So happy! I've been playing some N64, psx and of course some nes but I wanted to install quake 2 I got the pnd ( ) Put it on my sd card but I can't figure out were I should put the pak...