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    Gp32 No Longer Loading Games?

    After digging my old GP32 BLU out of the cupboard, I tried playing a few games on it, but nearly all of them fail to load. All but 2 games and 1 program either reset the GP32, or freeze during loading. GPSpout, GP Paint and Sonic 2 (with an early version of Dr MD) are the only ones that load...
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    No Mmf Runtime For Gp32 :(

    Link: Thanks alot Clickteam <_< , that was going to be the last big thing for the GP32 before everyone jumps ship to the GP2X.
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    Anyone Know When Gbax Will Be Back?

    Is there any news on when GBAX will re-open again? A while back it said that GBAX would re-launch on September 1st but at the end of August the message on the page changed to say it would be back soon instead. Only thing that has happened since then is some GP2X pictures have been put up.
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    Fgen Savestates

    I've just stuck a savestate on my gp32 for fgen but i can't get it to work. Theres nothing about savestates in the readme so i just put it in the SAV folder but fgen never finds anything. Is there anything special i need to do to the savestate to get it to work? (it's in .gs0 format) Edit...
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    Gianas Return Password

    I finally beat level 30 of Gianas Return today and had a go at the extra levels but i ran out of lives just before i got to extra level 2. I tried the password given at the end of the game but it doesn't work (yes i have got the password correct). I had a search round to find that other people...
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    Noiz2sa As A .zip?

    I've been looking at downloading noiz2sa for gp32 for a few days now but everywhere i look it's only avaliable to download as a rar file. The problem is the free trial of winrar only lasts 40 days and after that you either have to buy it (not an option for me) or never be able to use it again(or...
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    Small Gp32 Problem

    Hi, i finally got the smc to go with my gp32 today and i've been having fun playing on sonic 1 on fgen. Unfortunatly since i put more than 2 megadrive games on my gp32 i can't select anything but the first and last games on the list in fgen, i've only managed to select one of the middle games...