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  1. Cas

    FUSE Spectrum emulator Question ?

    When running FUSE the Spectrum emulator how do I set it up so as to use the D pad etc as the joystick ? I tried setting the emulator for Kempston joystick but that did not work. EDIT : OK, leave me alone it was just the one game that will not respond to using the D Pad, the game in question is...
  2. Cas

    UAE4ALL ?

    Not been around for a bit but on return find a new version of UAE4ALL. On running this you get to choose the old version or the new V2. The virtual keyboard I recall used to work on the old versions of this emulater, on the new V2 I cannot find a way to bring this up. On choosing the old...
  3. Cas

    What is this Program/Software ?

    Found some Dungeon Master clips on Youtube and I would really like to know what this software is he is using, it allows him to choose any of the Dungeon Master games including Thorens Quest, see the clip below between 3.50 - 4.15.
  4. Cas

    Deathfire:Ruins of Nethrmore RPG

    Hope this OK to put this here as I feel it needs a big push. I do not normaly support Kickstarter projects but being a lover of RPGs and this looks like it is going to be one hell of an RPG I have backed it. It is being developed by Guido Henkel he of Realms of Arkania series...
  5. Cas

    Composite TV Cable ?

    Does anybody know where online, I can buy a supple composite cable, you know the type, three RCA connectors, one for TV pic, two for sound. I have one but the wire is really stiff and not supple. They never state supple wire, so just wondered if anybody has a supple version of this cable type...
  6. Cas

    Cracked Lid Repair ?

    My Pandora's lid has become cracked and I have ordered a new Lid from EDs store. Now realised that the job to replace it is pretty much the same as replacing the LCD cable or is it a bit easier ?
  7. Cas

    TV Out Picture in Game

    Hi Thought I try my new TV out cable this morning as nobody is using the main big TV. All works really fine, wonderfull picture. I tried to use PCSX ReARM, loaded in a game and only got sound no picture, I assume something to do with the emulator as others work OK. Same in UAE4ALL, sound no...
  8. Cas

    Pandora DosBox ?

    Being a bit of a numpty when it comes to setting things up and getting them going can I ask a couple of questions. Is there a real basic guide for setting up and getting going DosBox EX anywhere ? This was asked before but time has moved on and maybe more is known now. Could a program like...
  9. Cas

    Release EX Plus Alpha Emulators ?

    Just logged in and I see lots of emulators have appeared in the Repo, all labelled EX Plus Alpha. What are these and are they better than we have already ? Thanks.
  10. Cas

    Gothic Series at GOG Cheap

    $4.99 - £3.21 each Gothic, Gothic 2 Gold Edition, Gothic 3, Gothic 3:Forsaken Gods Enhanced Edition Has to be worth it at that price :)
  11. Cas

    Spectrum Emulation Fullscreen ?

    I use Fuse for my Spectrum emulation and was wondering is there away with Fuse or another Pandora Spectrum emulator that will do real fullscreen ?
  12. Cas

    New/Older PNDs & Repo (Answered)

    After accidently deleting a PND that was working absolutely fine I know need to go back to an older version, but cannot because as soon as the new one was released the older version was removed before people had tried out the new one which is causing people issues. So a few things...
  13. Cas

    Rubber Lid Buffers

    Just an observation question. How come none of the Silver/grey Pandoras have no little rubber buffer feet in the lid ?
  14. Cas

    PS2 Emulator ???

    Could a PS2 emulator ever happen ?
  15. Cas

    PanPlayer what files ?

    Not sure if this is a Panplayer problem or because I updated to the latest SuperZaxxon v1.52. Panplayer is refusing to run .m4v files with a picture, plays sound only, they used to work. Is there a list of the video files Panplayer will play correctly ?
  16. Cas

    Best PCSX Images to Use ?

    What is the best type of image to run in PSCX bin cue or iso ?
  17. Cas

    What Are You Playing on UAE4ALL ?

    That's it, just interested :)
  18. Cas

    UAE4ALL v2 saves +

    I read that UAE4ALL v2 has a save game problem whereupon save game data was corrupt when loaded back and that save states did not work. Is this true.. Also how do you do a disk swap mid game ?
  19. Cas

    Pandora RMA Sent

    Just a note to say my Pandora is on its way to you for repair, a note to say it has arrived OK would be good :)
  20. Cas

    Question about RMA

    When doing an RMA for a case replacement do I need to return the stylus and battery also ? EDIT: All packed and ready to now........