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    Vlc Update: Relevant?

    Hey guys. I just came across VLC's new version- 1.1.0 This version claims to add and So basically what I am wondering is if these new features are compatible with the Pandy's specs- will the NEON improvements work? Is the Pandora's DSP supported? If so, media playing on the Pandy just got a...
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    A Little Heads-Up

    This may not belong here, but I wanted to inform as many Windows users as possible of the best method of solving issues with SD cards... The Official SD Formatter (also called the "Panasonic SD Formatter"). You see, Windows XP, Vista and 7 all do a terrible job at formatting SD cards, which can...
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    The Pandora's Public Fame!

    Hey! For the first time I can remember, is the first result on Google when searching for "Pandora"! It was always the jewelery brand. Up until now to show people the Pandora's webpage from another computer I have had to go to Google, scroll down half-way and then...
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    Pandora File Management

    Hey, I was just wondering exactly how file management on the SD cards will work. I've heard that linux functions better with ext 2, 3 or 4 as the filesystem, and I can format the cards to that with a livecd and gparted if I want to, but will there be an easier method? Will the Pandora itself be...
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    File Extension Registry

    I was wondering... how does the Pandora's OS handle file extension registration? With a normal system the OS allows programs to become associated with particular file extensions, but I can't see how the Pandora could do this (because of the roaming nature of the PND specifications). Is there...
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    Ordering A Pandora: Proceedures

    Hey everyone. I sent off an email to recently (about 4 days ago) and they emailed me back (the very next day), telling me there are a few slots left. I happily sent off a response confirming that I wanted the Pandora and my preferred shipping method (regular air-mail)...