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    Beta Lugaru Beta Port

    Thanks Pickle, really, really appreciate bringing these amazing games to the Pandy! I was very impressed, runs a lot smoother and quicker than I thought it would, even on stock settings. Thanks! :)
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    Beta Prequ Engine (Another Lba Engine)

    Dimacus, you are my hero. When I first recieved my Pandora, I had 0 ways of playing one of my favourite games.. ..Now I have 3! :D Thank you, awesome work.
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    Beta Twin-E (Engine For Lba 1 And 2)

    Awesome. Made my day, cannot wait to try it out tonight.
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    Beta Gish

    Runs great, thanks a lot Pickle :)
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    Release Pcsx-Rearmed

    Fantastic work notaz, I was incredibly impressed. Little Big Adventure is so close to working on it (jams after the first intro text + movie after you've entered your name) and I've seen numerous improvements with other games. Incredible work!! :D
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    How Are You Feeling About The Pandora Today?

    Even though my Pandora's right shoulder's loose and a few buttons get stuck, I love mine - My best (and most used) gaming handheld I've ever had.
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    Beta Psx4Pandora 1.0B5

    That could have possibly been me (The first thing I tried when getting my Pandora was trying to get LBA to work!). It does boot up in dosbox (without audio) and is playable, though it would randomly crash every 30 - 40 minutes or so, so I'm waiting to play it through on the PSX as it's so close...
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    Beta Psx4Pandora 1.0B5

    Thank you for all of your hard work Zodttd, my favourite and most used emulator by far, I'm always incredibly impressed. Little Big Adventure *almost* works now (crashes after the intro movie) - Hopefully next release i'll be having myself a Twinsen Adventure! :)
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    Beta Mupen64Plus

    Works fine now Adventus, thank you! Thanks again for all of your hard work!! :)
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    Beta Mupen64Plus

    I've just updated to Mupen64Plus R1B3 but for some reason all the games I try (Super Mario 64 was just working before the update) have sound, but no visuals. So tried using the old .pnd and same results. I assume something's reset itself but not sure what to try. Any ideas? Great work so far...
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    Beta Psx4Pandora Beta

    Thank you for all the help and contribution to this emulator, it's fantastic now and i'm sure will just get better and better!! Cannot wait for CDDA!! :D
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    Getting Little Big Adventure Working

    It's good to know that a suspected cause of the problem has been found, so fingers crossed once it's implemented LBA will work without problems! :) Thank you for the replies guys
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    Getting Little Big Adventure Working

    Hello Everyone, I'm trying to get the game Little Big Adventure up and running on my pandora and could really need some help. Perfect scenario, i'd like to get it working on psx4pandora but I may have to wait awhile as the .iso doesn't load at all, while the .bin crashes after the introduction...
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    Thanks Khan, that's awesome! Will give it a go now :)
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    I'm glad I wasn't the only one! :) When you were manually adding to the conf file did you manage to find a fix?
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    I'm having a small problem too with DosboxFE - I cant seem to be able to mount any iso's? I (think anyway) am filling in all the relevant settings and finding the iso and etc in dosboxfe when I click add it just seems to add a blank line - Any ideas? And with the colon not seeming to work...
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    Shipping Of The Pandoras

    *shivers* Almost had a heart attack after the first bit! (As I was literally sad enough to take a day off work F5'ing the day preorders went live)
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    German Orders Shipped Later

    I think it make sense overall, I think in the long run more Pandora's will go out quicker with Michael helping putting them together, rather than him spending the time maintaining special shipping requests. I have a question. Out of the 1000 or so being produced next week, how will Craig and Ed...
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    Recommend One Game For Everyone Else To Play On Their Pandora

    I loved all of Roger Wilco's crazy adventures.
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    Open Schematics Of The Hardware

    I agree. Allowing select parts (i.e. Boards) would be useful to have on offer, anything else would be more like a revision/new version of the hardware. Although saying that, things such as the RAM is not replaceable or expandable, anything changed to that would be too much hassle for just a few...