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    Shipping Estimate?

    HI ED, I placed an ordered for a 1ghz pandora on August 30, with dhl as the carrier. How much longer do I have to wait for it ? Also when it reaches my door is it dhl or the local postoffice that actually drops off the package? (It has been stuck on the processing in parcel center for about a...
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    Qemu and Windows whats the best version to run

    I was wondering whats the best windows os to get, to use with Qemu? Im looking to get either windows 95 or 98. I'm gonna be mostly playing old games and maybe a few old software suites from the windows 95 era. Would the better driver support of windows 98 be more suited or the older and thus...
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    Pandora Accessories

    I was thinking would it be viable to have any more more official accessories for the pandora? The only ones I can think of is the soon to be available video cable and travel case. I know there are mods or rather a mod for haptic feedback. Is it possible to have a rumble pack accessory, something...
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    Can you run RPG Maker Xp through Qemu?

    I was just curious to know if it is possible because I want to see if it a pandora could run Pokemon Fusion.
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    Tablet(Wacom) + Pandora?

    Is it possible for a wacom tablet to work with the Pandora? I was thinking with gimp or other drawing apps for the pandora. ( I just noticed I might have posted in the wrong section, MOD please move if needed)
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    Sd formats ... which is the best? Also a couple questions for pandebian

    I read somewhere that if use the community codec pack, the pandora can read ntfs formatted cards, I am correct in that assumption ? I was wondering if the card was ntfs formatted can I still use pan debian?  I felt like there was a pan debian page on the pandora wiki but when I searched for it I...
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    How resilent is the pandora?

    How strong is the pandora? if it falls from say a bed to a wooden floor would it break ? Would the screen be broken ? How bout a drop from about three feet ? Have you ever dropped your pandora? How bad was the damage ? 
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    Linux on Android

    Did you know they are a couple of installers for linux for android ? The ones I saw installed are for debian and ubuntu. Have anyone on here tried them before ? Did you like it ? Just curious
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    A question about 1 GHz price

    Is the price for the 1 Ghz model ever be cheaper ? and if so by how much and by what date (estimate would be fine) ? I would like to get one but it's really expensive. I think I read somewhere on the boards that after all the original preorders are sent over then it should be cheaper is that...