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    Nintendo Ds Emulation? this emulator has shown the most promise so far, with many games playable.
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    Orange Box On Pandora?

    Even if it was ported, I doubt even the eee pc could run it
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    Your Most Wanted Emulated Game On Pandora? (aka Friday Night Insomnia.

    Rush 2049 Castlevania SOTN Super Mario RPG Paper Mario New Super Mario Bros. (Progress is being made with the DS Red Alert via dosbox (if pandora can handle it)
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    Pandora Logo?

    Another variation of mine:
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    To Warmfluffyuk, Re: Your Pandora Renders

    I'm pretty sure Evil Dragon did those in 3ds Max, with all the objects named in German or something like that that made it hard to work with for some people.
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    Pandora Logo?

    I had more time today to update it a little, moved the box down, and tried to smooth it a little.
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    Pandora Logo?

    a few updates on mine, I added a new symbol that should appease the P&|A crowd but it's subtle enough to not look too geeky. I still like Shirohagen's box idea better though. I wouldn't mind pairing my text with somebody's symbol either, whatever everyone thinks looks best on the device.
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    Pandora Logo?

    Work In Progress: I made the text by hand in 3ds max so no copyright issues w/ the font I can easily do different colors or angles as well
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    *new* Pandora Logo Thread Alex Suggestion

    Here's some I'm working on:
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    Will It Ever Come Out?

    In my opinion, I'm happy with the SoC chosen, after experiencing all the corner cutting done with the gp2x, poor build quality of the device, hearing dev's complain about certain things, and using that awful stick that breaks if you press it in too much. I am more then happy to spend extra money...
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    Pandora Software

    Open Office would be a great program for all that if it could be ported
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    Our New Machine, Pandora

    regardless of what the craig is intended for, people are always going to be using it for other stuff. When the xbox was hacked people used it as a media center and all sorts of things microsoft never intended it to be used for. As long as the craig is flexible (usb host, etc.) It could do very...
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    Our New Machine, Pandora

    or they could make a media center edition bob/dock with infrared, blutooth or rf for a remote
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    Our New Machine, Pandora

    no&gba came out with a new version a couple of days ago that is very playable, Advance Wars DS worked for me at about 75% on my laptop, whit very few graphics glitches.
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    Xbox Dvd-drive Making Me Go Apeshit!

    You can use a PC drive, but it won't read original game discs only burned ones, and you'll have a hard time fitting it in the case. You just have to buy a Y power splitter from any computer store and use it with the hd power cord.
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    Our New Machine, Pandora

    I really don't mind as long as nothing is as bad as that gameboy/gameboy color emulator for gp2x where you had to click in the joystick and press the shoulder buttons in while simultaneously running your microwave at the correct frequency, standing on your head just to get to the menu. I realize...
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    Our New Machine, Pandora

    One thing I know a lot of people found frustrating with the gp2x was that all the emus had different quirks, the menus were different, the commands to pause, save state, etc. were different. Rom paths were usually different and confusing. The craiginator should have standards set up (if they...
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    Downloadable Mp3s Are They Killing Quality?

    I know with a lot of older hip hop and new underground hip hop, a lot of it is produced through sampling records. When this happens (in theory) the bit rate would never go above the original source, so most of the music I listen to would never be higher then whatever bit rate vinyl is at, making...