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    RMA address

    Hello: After a couple of months with my pandora, a piece of the case just broke, so I contacted Jacquelyn, and she sent me a RMA form and told me to send my pandora back for a replacement. I replied her email asking if I've to send only the unit or if I've to send the battery, stylus, etc...
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    EzCap USB 2.0 DVB-T Stick

    Hello: I want to use my EzCap USB 2.0 DVB-T Stick with my openpandora, but I'm quite newbie in linux, and I don't know how to do it. I have found this: so it should work in the pandora as well, but this is for debian like distros...
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    Video streaming

    Hello: I wanna use my pandora for watching streaming videos on youtube, vimeo, megavideo, etc. but I don't know how. Firefox (both versions) includes a flash plugin, but when I try to watch a youtube video, even with 240p, it's like a slow slideshow with audio. Vimeo videos doesn't even...
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    WI-FI speed after hotfix 5

    Hello: With hotfix 4 I used to get a 100KB/sec download speed, and now after hotfix 5, I get a 200KB/sec download speed, and that's a very good improve, but, with my laptop, I get 1,6MB/sec downloading the same file. Is there a real chance that with future hotfixes we'll achieve such a...