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    Jagged Alliance Kickstarter campaign

    I recently saw a kickstarter for a new Jagged Alliance. It has a modest budget goal, and is $25 for the game. While there's no arm port planned, it might be of interest to Pandorans because Jagged Alliance 2 can be played on the Pandora...
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    Dialog boxes frequently off edge of screen

    One frustrating thing I've found with Pandora is that many windows will have a preset size that takes them off the edge of the screen. Some of these windows are even for Xfce settings, while others are for midnight commander and Anki. There are no doubt more, but does anyone know of a way to...
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    Left nub won't move cursor left

    My left nub occasionally refuses to move the cursor left. This has happened in games and on the desktop. I'm wondering if others experience this as normal behaviour or if it's a sign of failing hardware. Is there a way, short of rebooting, of 'resetting' the nubs. Rebooting presumably...
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    Is it possible for a Pandora to be used as a controller for a PC?

    I kind of doubt that it's possible, but could a Pandora be used as a controller for a PC? If it is possible, how?
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    Casing issues (Split from other thread)

    I have three case defects I'd like to try fixing, but I'm not sure if this Sugru is right for all three. The first is the hinge, for which it sounds like I can just use Sugru, if I can figure out where to buy it. Canadian Tire doesn't have it listed. The second is one of the tabs that keeps...