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    flash issue

    hello everybody I try to flash with finazaxxon I try to download for 2 sources, and multiple times I try with 3 sd card Now, i'm trying to format with windows7 my 32go Kingston to try again I'v ubuntu, i try with windows because i'm desperate ;) When I boot from sd1, it's say...
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    new little computer full computer arm processor... "deja vu" ? ^^ edit : Delete me ;)
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    manage contact ?

    Hello I search how manage contact on pandora, I think, i can use angstrom repo to search software, but before do that, what are you solution ? thanks !
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    osmo app don't work Hello I want test this app but I can lunch it, pnd mount but failed Someone can try it ? thanks !
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    qorganizer good size of the window ?

    My Qorganizer is too big, it's anoying i have to move the windows to use it It's normal behavior ? Someone as solution ? Thanks :) edit: 2nd question, I use preference windows to say qorganizer use my sd card instead of internal memory to store data, but, when i open it again, the...
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    email, contact etc...

    I search programm to manage all stuff like that. Like seamonkey, or thunderbird + qorganizer will be ok. What are you using ?
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    quake3 config

    Hello all ! I search for ready to play config.cfg if someone have a config good, with good bind etc... I take it ! Thanks ps: pandora is AWESOME
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    manage task with alarm

    I try to figure out replace all my phone capability with pandora So, i use every day, my phone task manager, and, before my task time, an alarm start, so i don't forget things. Can i do the same with pandora ? Can i'v task, pandora closed (not turn off), and, have an alarm if the times is...
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    music bluetooth and my car

    hello all i'v bluetooth car device and i listen the music i'v in my phone card in the car I control the car poste with phone by bluetooth Can I do same with bluetooth and pandora ? connect pandora to the post by bluetooth and stream the music ?
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    phone compatibility

    i'v nokia xpressmusic, and, with linux, i just can connect like usb memory, but, not sync, or use sms, manage contact, task etc. Is there someone here, use phone, with all this options ? If a phone do all this stuff with pandora, I think, I change my lovely nokia.
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    This sd card SD6G2/32GB someone test or use it ? it's this series, I look on wiki for list of sdcard, but 32go kingston is bad and it's black
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    Question about ext plugin

    in the wiki, we found this It's the connector wich use to tv out ? I read a topic in the "ask craig section" about the connector to do some cable to use serial port, i can be interested on that for work on swithc, routers... But, I need more info, what can we do with this output ? (I can...
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    why the shop gp2x don't have pandora to catalog ? in this one, you go back homepage pandora and in this one the price is not good, but, it's good for me ^^
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    dual screen

    I see one time, a driver to use psp as second screen under windows7. Have you seen or experience some ideas to user another device as 2nd screen ? I think about phone or another gaming material
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    difference between 1 and 2 batch

    hello again. It´s question day. Pandora first and second will be identical ? Or we can expect some improvment ? The price will be at 440e too or a new pre command price ? Thanks again !
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    I'm new, I'm french, I need infos :)

    Hello all ! First, I'm french, and my english is sometimes poor, sorry for that. Is any other french in here ? I've take a look to pandora project some times ago, not sure, 6 months, one year, i can't remember. I look dingoo two day's ago, and I search more about, click by click I found...