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  1. JackTheKnife

    Problems after OS update

    I have just booted Pandora after one year non-usage and first thing what I have done it was update to 1.75 but it looks like it failed at some point. Now I'm not able to turn on WiFi or run xfce (is stuck on login process). Do I need to re-install OS from scratch? Thanks
  2. JackTheKnife

    PhoneJoy Play: Turn your phone into a console!

    Is it competitor to iCP1? http://www.kickstart...onsole?ref=live
  3. JackTheKnife

    Firmware version and SD card suggestions

    Two questions: 1) How can I check which firmware version is running my Pandora? I saw Zaxxon on boot but is it latest version of Zaxxon (aka Super Zaxxon)? 2) Any suggestions for SD cards? Can I run any micro SD card with an adapter or better get regular one (class 6 or 4)?